I say Hey!

What's going on?

Alright, what have Lara and Joe been up to these days?

Well, Summer is over for me, and is just about over for Joe. I've gone back to school and student teaching for my last year and I'm so excited over this. Classes are very early in the morning, but I'm more of a morning person than a night person, and I'd rather leave early and get home early than leave late and get home late, because I do have to do that one night, and I hate it, and I'm getting really pretty good at run on sentences.

Joseph has been working like the most amazing person. We're a poor college couple, and now that I'm out of work in order to student teach, he's supporting the both of us. He's amazing. He's been working through the summer and getting paid to do his graduate research. He's developing this program that I'll try to describe but will probably slaughter. It's a program kinda like Google Docs, in that when one person contributes to it, other people can see what they're doing even if they're cross country. This is important because the program will be used by a couple of Universities this next year in developing technology for Boeing. It's hard for me to understand what he's doing because I don't know understand this technology language he speaks.

We're both really excited that this the last year of school for both of us! We'll graduate within a few weeks of each other and then get to start our new adventure all together.

We shoved our summer into one week. We went camping in Colorado with his family and it was a BLAST. Fishing, hiking, rafting, playing with fire... it was so fun. The next week we spent a day at Tracey Aviary and the Pie Pizzaria. We spent the weekend in Ogden watching movies and going to the Ogden Temple open house. It was beautiful!!! Just a gorgeous temple. It's indescribable. If anyone has the chance to attend the open house in the next few weeks, GO.

Lately we love gardening, running, watching The Office, and playing Age of Empires II. We want to get more into renting puppies out of being puppy lonely, but our lizard Ferrari has been a comfort. Not so cuddly but he'll do.

We're looking forward to our tomatoes turning red, Labor Day, fall break, winter break, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's day... and so on.

We're going on 1.5 years of marriage and it's been wonderful. I think of it like our first time trail running together. It was a stretch of the shoreline we'd never seen. It was NOT what we expected. There were more hills than we expected. The hills were a fun challenge though. We took them together and turned it into a growing experience. And that's marriage. There have been hills and challenges but we're taking them as learning experiences and growing closer together through them all, while improving ourselves as individuals.

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