Horoscope by Hours

I've found that I have a distinctive personality depending on what hour of the day it is that I wake up. Let me tell you, I wake up at all hours of the day. Some times I wake up just out of reflex or because of the train running through the back yard, other times I wake up because my alarm wakes me up. But each time of day is accompanied with a certain attitude. Here are those attitudes and horoscopes, or outlooks for the day depending on the hour.

12am (midnight)
Feeling like you've gone through a time warp? You probably are waking up at midnight. You feel very well rested and may find it incredibly difficult to fall back to sleep. Regardless if you fell asleep at 8pm or 11:30pm, you're feeling like you've slept for days and would be perfectly fine getting up and starting the day.

Even if you have to get up at 4:30am (which I DO, two days a week...) waking up from reflex at 3am floods you with a sense of relief. There's nothing like the panic of thinking it's just a few minutes before the alarm sounds only to find that you've got at LEAST an hour and a half of sleep left.

Sheer panic. Panic that floods you with energy. Something is just sick and wrong about waking up for the day at 4:30. And even if you have another hour of sleep, it's just like a slap in the face to wake up at 4:30. The only way this can feel good is if you get to sleep in until noon. If you DO have to get up for the day at 4:30, then that panic really fuels you. You get ready far faster than you should. You crash at about 6am, but come 7:50 you're doing much better.

It's a terrible feeling like 4:30 am but it doesn't feel so wrong. This is bad. The lack of worry saps you of energy. If you were able to shower, do your hair, make up, get dressed, eat breakfast, make lunch, and pack your book bag in 30 minutes the day before (waking up at 4:30), it'll take you, for some reason, about 4 hours to get everything together. And you're stressed, but tired stress.

Thirty minutes later you're waking up like a dream. Mainly because the sun's awake. If the sun's awake, you're awake.

If it's a week day, you feel like you've lost 2 valuable hours of homework. If it's a weekend you feel like you've wasted a wonderful opportunity to sleep in.

No point in getting up. Go back to sleep.

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