Things and Stuff

Stuff I did.

I DID get up at 7am on my day off to go walk 2 miles to the donut shop in celebration of donut day. Rrrrri-di-di-di-di-donut day!

I DID coo over all the cute owl things at the store.

I DID see a street bag-piper.

I DID take a Spanish exam.

I DID drink stuff made out of carrots.

I DID call it a carrocktail.

Just kidding. I didn't do that.

I DID watch the Bachelorette far too much this week.

I DID freak out when I saw my work schedule for next week.

I DID burn my quinoa.

I DID freak out (it a good way) when I saw my pay check.

I DID purchase the wrong toothpaste.

I DID see a couple taking engagement pictures at the water fountains in the Gateway.

Stuff I haven't done.

I DIDN'T freak out in any way whence taking my Spanish exam.

I DIDN'T buy the right toothpaste.

I DIDN'T eat any meat at all!

I DIDN'T wear sunscreen. Regretfully.

I DIDN'T wear long pants every day.

I DIDN'T keep my room very clean.

I DIDN'T keep calm when I saw my work schedule for next week.

What stuff did you do?


ashley @ divorced at 20 said...

love this!

Kellie said...

I did stalk your blog, only to find no new posts last week.

chip said...

I did continue with my commenting mission.

I did not finish yet.