XTREME sportz!

Some people dream of walking on the moon.

Some people dream of traveling to exotic places.

Some people dream of changing the world.

I dream of playing childhood games in extreme situations.

I spend free time at work talking with co-workers of ways that we could organize a mass hide and go seek in our building using multiple floors.

I plot ways to get freeze tag going in a cubicle office.

Yesterday, I fulfilled a dream.


For family home evening, we gathered in the institute's three story parking garage and got an intense game going.

My team set the prison in the elevator, and put the flag on a narrow walkway of which you could walk down, but if someone followed, you couldn't escape. So yeah. We were awesome.

My triumphant moment was when I ran up the 3 flights of stairs beating out the guards of the other team to access the 'back door' of sorts to the other team's prison. It was awesome. Can you say free walk back? Because I can! Really well! It doesn't even have a 't' in it, so the enunciation problem isn't there!

At one point, I got bored. So I crossed over and got myself tagged and sent to jail. About 3 minutes later, I hear shouting and whooping, and my team comes running up.


On the 2nd floor, one team member had located the flag. It was guarded by one person.

They paced back and forth, eying each other in a deadly standoff. If my team member ran for it, he'd be tagged for sure.

While he held the opponent's gaze, seven other team members showed up. The poor opponent must have been sweating bullets. They even counted to three and booked it for the flag.

Yellow team didn't stand a chance. The win was all on Team Voldemort.

We secured the flag, dashed back over the border and won the game.

In other news, being an organist is super sexy or something, so yeah. If you want a date, learn to play organ. That's all.


Brittany said...

That sounds EPIC! If you're ever bored at a playground try ultimate spoons, it is crazy intense! :)

chip said...

That sounds SO FUN!

You know what's awesome? Extreme musical chairs, when you spread out all the chairs really super far.