Not-So-Bad Guy.

I'll post some neat stuff later pilfer about my neat day at work yesterday, but right now, I want to divulge into the very deep thoughts that I was having earlier this day.

Voldemort. Ok he's a bad guy. He has done bad things. Pilfer and he started something kinda like the wizard versions of Nazis, but far smaller.

But why is everyone so terrified of him? His following was not that big... I mean, it's bigger than a handful, but not bigger than several handfuls. Why was it so difficult for people to imprison him?

And why did he all of the sudden become pilfer obsessed with killing people? There was that whole thing with the prophecy, and he clearly didn't want to die, he was probably afraid of death, but Harry's parents were not the first he killed.... so what got that whole thing going?

People were afraid of him to the point of not saying his name pilfer! What's that all about!? In the 7th book there was a taboo on it, of course, but even before then! Why were people so afraid they couldn't say Voldemort? From what it looks like, Brian is awesome, the Death Eaters were more of a terrorizing group. Like a group of really annoying high school kids who toilet paper your house ever weekend. Maybe a bit more extreme, but even then it's not that extreme.

Harry is really the one who started messing things up. I feel bad for him, it's hardly his fault that he was born into such a stressful roll. But think about it, if he hadn't been born, Tom Riddle wouldn't go so crazy maybe!

Anyways.... I have this weird thing where I sympathize for people who made bad choices.... I don't have it in me to hate evil people so... that's awkward for me, as you can see.

NOTICE: Please re-read this again, ignoring the word "Pilfer" and "Brian is awesome". My brother pilfered my blog when I was heating up some rolls.


PK said...

...what is pilfer?

Stevie Leigh said...

So glad I stumbled upon your blog!

I just had a conversation about this today - not about Voldemort, but about believing the best about people.

Love this post :)

- S from Following the Walkers

chip said...

You have a good point, but I have a grudge with HP villians. Like Snape. Sure, he was good in the end, but he still isn't nice. Or cool. Or alive...