Awkward For Me As You Can Tell

Ahhh! Noooo! I lost a follower. So I'ma hunt them down and beg for forgiveness. It WILL happen.

Things have been silly lately. I've tried writing a few times, but I keep slipping into Spanish. My brain was not meant to know two languages. So yeah... that's awkward for me, as you can tell.

Let me catch you up on things!

Yesterday was my good friend Steve's Death Day Party. A surprise one at that! There was a lot of confusion as to what a death day party was, and for the most part I just volunteered (or had my house volunteered) to have the party here! And I provided meat. And we had burgers. But I'm a vegetarian. For a while. So that's awkward for me, as you can tell.

Here is what a Death Day is, as explained by Ben. "Your mission is your life. When you enter your mission, it is the first day you are alive, and you are born! Your first companion is your father. Anyone you train after that is your child. When you leave the mission, you die."

Oh! So Steve has been home from his mission for a year! CONGRATS STEVE! He served in Concepcion  Santiago Chile!

We made a banner, and I hung it on the wall with medical tape. But it was still really cute.

Ben texted earlier that day and asked if he could drop some stuff off before the party, and I said sure! He left me with a tank of 30 gallons of helium and a billion balloons. 


We watched a movie with nice music and pictures from Steve's mission.

We played Banana Grams. It wasn't received well.... 

Overall it was a success! If anyone feels like having a party, let me know. Because I feel like going to one and/or throwing one!

Also, I'm looking to do a giveaway soon. If any of you have any ideas of things you want given away, email me at indagofrog{at}gmail{dot}com OR comment on  this post!



megan danielle said...

i lost a follower too! what a coincedence...hmmm...

Brittany said...

My first thought was that you had actually researched when Nearly Headless Nick's deathday party was, and had your own to get ready for the movie....this is cool too though...

chip said...

Balloons+Bananagrams=supercool party.

And Lara wouldn't have a deathday party for Nick, cause everyone knows that he died on Halloween in 1492...right? Right?!