Whip It!

Summer reared its ugly beautiful head. But it's been doing that for a while. Today I decided to do something about it!

And I took high school musical jumping pictures. To up the anti (is that the word?) I used props. Mainly a scooter.

Also! I went on a really awesome date! Can YOU say that your date taught you to crack a legit whip? No. No you can't. He had the coolest stuff in his car, a whip (A WHIP! Like INDIANA JONES!) stirrups, and a cowboy hat. And I cracked a whip.

Awesome. Ness. And stuff.

I'm going to go sit in the sun now, because my legs can blind a blind man! Have a AWESOME Friday sir! Or ma'am! Whatever you prefer to go by really!

No I just remembered a story. That I want to tell you. That pertains to scooters.

This week, it was sunny. And I was riding home from school, across the library plaza courtyard sidewalk stretch thing, enjoying the clacking of wheels on the pavement, and the sun on the top of my head. And a someone came up to me and chastised me.

Full blown out right chastisement. "What are you doing? Have some respect for yourself and for this school ma'am! Off the scooter, please!"

And then walked away.

And I was distraught and ashamed. And now I feel really awkward sometimes scootering.

But mostly I feel like a famous person.


Kellie said...

Not sure why you would not be showing respect for the school by riding a scooter. It is Utah red, isnt it?

celestial* said...

Once upon a time, I almost got a ticket for riding my scooter on campus. It was the saddest day of my life. The end.

chip said...

Ha! I did it! I finally caught up to you! Even though I just realized that my mission will actually never be done. Just because you'll keep updating, and I'll keep commenting. But I just wanted to inform you of this achievement.