Pop Tunes

First, B-day shout out to mah little sister, Becca Chainsaw Smith! She is fifteen entire years old. Actually, a bit more than that because now it's almost tomorrow.

We like making faces in the bathroom mirror and taking pictures. And because of that, we are forever bonded with a bond that cannot be unbonded.

We didn't have 15 candles. But when it's someone's birthday, you make do with what you have. I was fully prepared to stick toothpicks in the beautiful pink cake and light them on fire. 

Happy Birthday lil sister, rock up this year hard core. 

I had to go home for her birthday today, and also to have my dental appliance replaced. It feels good to have a foreign bar of metal plastered to my teeth! No really, it was a relief to get it back on. I can feel my teeth move when I sleep, and it's not really enjoyable. 

So, I really enjoy listening to the radio. Last year I took classes at WSU, and I got the opportunity of borrowing my parents car and exercising my newly owned drivers license and asserting my freedom in attending college as a young girl and driving around.

I loved listening to the radio. I grew really fond of the hits of the day, Hey Soul Sister, I Wanna Be A Billionaire, The Man Who Can't Be Moved, Heart Break Warfare. 

I love those songs. I love pop tunes. I don't really love all of them actually... I just love getting into pop culture.

For some reason I can't sit around my house and turn on the radio to Mix 107.9 and listen to those pop tunes. It's weird. If you're going to do it, it has to be in a car. That's the way it is.

Living in SLC, and attending the U, I gave up the regular use of a car to have a once in a life opportunity. But I sure do miss driving around and listening to pop tunes.

I got to drive to the dentist today! And I got to listen to my good ol friends.... Ke$ha, Bruno Mars.... I don't even really like these people! I just love listening to their songs!

When I'm at home, it's all about Pandora. And that's ok with me.

I guess it's just the unpredictability of radio that I crave. Yeah. And the way it sounds when driving around.


Just lil ol me thinking about the good ol days *cough* last year *cough*

Oh hey! My brother bought a tinsee tiny lizard today. Who knows what it's name will be... but to me, it'll always be Samuel. 

Now I have to go watch the Bachelorette and pretend like I haven't seen it already. 


Meg said...

I know exactly what you mean about music! Pop and hip hop just belong in the car, and all the more refined stuff is for home!

chip said...

Is her real middle name Chainsaw?