Around The Block

So.... I've been in a photo mood. I like taking pictures lots and lots. And this week, we were in Idaho. At first I was a little bummed. Everything is GREEN. Drives. Me. Crazy. I mean... I'm a fan of green. I probably like green more than you do. 

But when everything is green, photos can get a big boring. Green. Green. Green green. More green! OH! WHAT'S THAT! Nvm. It's green.

So pictures up here... I was worried. But. It's amazing what you can find when you look for it.

I may have trespassed on the properties of many, but hey.

I've gotta get me my pictures. 

UPDATE: I couldn't leave without going back to that blue wall.... so I did. And this time the neighbors walked out and asked what I was doing, and told me it was private property. So I turned super red. And told them I loved the color of the wall. And told them I was in photography in school, and was doing an assignment. And they were like "Oh cool! Well, then if you want a real picture, get a picture of this!
 And directed me to the red outhouse. And said it was the only functioning outhouse left in that neck of the woods.

I would say that I left super emberrasado, but I've learned in my Spanish class that that means pregnant. I just was embarrassed. 


Ashley said...

love the pictures!

Amanda said...

These pictures are amazingly amazing. love all of the colors. Makes me happy

Natasha Louise said...

Pretty! I'm glad you went back and had that story to tell! and I LOVE GREEEN!

chip said...

Those are awesome photos? Is that a lomo camera?