Things to be Enjoyed

I wish someone would have prepared me for how hard it'd be to come back from fall break to school. I threw an adult temper tantrum the night before: head in pillow, kicking legs, shouting/screaming "I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK JOSEPH! IT'S SO HARD."

I wish I'd written a little note to myself before then. We were supposed to write ourselves a note convincing us to go to school on the hard days. But it's only October, I didn't think it'd get this hard this soon. But it was hard.

I did get up and go to school, in case anyone was wondering. And I lived. And I enjoyed myself. I really made an effort to focus on the enjoyable things and so I enjoyed myself.

What I enjoyed this week:

I enjoyed this week, as I always do, the principal coming on the intercom in the morning and saying "Goooooooood morning teachers and students! It's a lovely day here at Stansbury Elementary school!"

I enjoyed when it rained and we got to watch the Magic School Bus. Do you guys remember how hilarious that show is? It's even funnier when you're grown up. I was laughing harder than the kids. I loved at the end, when it played the little song and all the kids are dialing the phones saying "Is this the Magic School bus?" and my students sang along with it.

I enjoyed how excited my teachers were to help me with all of my lessons.

I enjoyed teaching math. I've taken over math for the rest of the year and I love it so much. I really like doing math myself, and I like teaching it. I've gotten to help some of the kids learn to like math and that is a great feeling.

I enjoyed watching every student receive a free coat from the fire department. This is a very low income school but the administration knows how to get the students the help they need. For students who are so low income, they receive some once in a lifetime opportunities as well as a state of the art education.

Even though it gets hard, there are good lessons to be learned and experiences to be enjoyed. If I focus on that, I can survive for the next 154 days.

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