Great Reasons to Study Elementary Education

Deciding on a major is a tricky thing. I think it's easy to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life. Relatively speaking, of course. You pick what you love and you go for it! For me, the difficult decision in picking a major is picking what you want to study in college for 4+ years. It's hard to decide what you want to have beaten into your mind, what you want to spend hundreds of hours reading textbooks about, hundreds of hours taking tests on...

I'm here to tell you that Elementary Education is the best major ever, and here is why.

1. The Work Load Isn't So Complex
I like math, I really do, but it is HARD for me to do the homework math majors do. While there is a lot of work in the elementary education department, so much of it depends upon creativity, and you won't be docked for being creative in the wrong ways. Rather than doing calculations for hours, you're writing papers for hours. Research papers, or observation papers... but it's not as hard. For me, at least.

2. Classes Are Fun
Yes, classes are long, and yes, sometimes you spend hours in lectures, but people who go into this program are somewhat children at heart, and so are the professors. They don't want to do boring stuff forever, and so they make it fun! We play banana grams to explore spelling. We make hats and brainstorm ways a fun activity could become meaningful. We participate in modeled lessons where we get to dance and read silly books. People in college haven't been in elementary school for a long time, so we forget really how it's supposed to be. It is supposed to be fun to some extent, and the fun college classes give us ideas and inspiration to make young classes fun too.

3. The Timeline is Pretty Solid
If you start, and are going full time and planning your schedule, it is totally reasonable to graduate within four years. There probably isn't going to be something surprising popping up. You're not likely to fail your classes either (because of one and two...) You can let it take you years and years, but it really shouldn't take any longer than you let it take. Furthermore, when you graduate, going to get a master's degree while working is pretty easy! Most districts will pay for you to do so, since it's a requirement to continue your education in order to maintain your license.

I could go on and on about how the job is great too. You have to be crazy to do it, but you will have amazing opportunity if you do choose it. There are teachers everywhere you go. No matter where you move, there are going to be schools. (If you're moving to logical places...) And the vacation days are great. And the work is fun. It's hard, but it's fun.

If you're having a hard time deciding a major, maybe check out Elementary Education!

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