Just an Update

Ok because of time and stuff, here's a quick update. I need to get in the habit of blogging twice a week at least, and though an update isn't much it's something.

My family in Ogden own a bunny now, so there's that.
We watched Inception last night and I had CRAZY dreams but that could be just because I had a ton of candy.
I was Ellie from Up for Halloween and all my 3rd graders made fun of me and said I didn't look like her at all.
This week was my first full week at the school. It was incredible. I'm so excited for January to come so I can be there every day, all the time. I've realized lately how little I like university classes, even though we get breakfast every day and spend most of the time playing with toys and making crafts. I think I'd just rather be doing that with my kids.
Joseph has been working like a 'holic lately. It's a busy time of year. He took on quite a few classes this semester, and when you add his research into that, it's a stress load. Add into that the job hunt season and it's even worse. I wish I could do stuff for him but  1. that's cheating, and 2. I'm clueless when I come to this.
It's finally turning into Fall and I like that. I like dead leaves and things. And wind.
And that's all, folks.

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