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New month, new blog design. People reading this blog should check out my design tab up top. I've been bored a lot at home, and have made fun for myself through random graphic design things. Currently, watercolor is my favorite. It's one thing to dip your paint brush and do it on paper, there is definitely magic to that. And then it's a different thing to make it materialize onto your computer screen. That's pretty fun too.

Sooooooo these days.

Not much in the way of new things. Still living in Arizona.

I've noticed some things about Arizona.

I've noticed that Ryan Secrest or however-his-name-is-spelled is the radio host. So I'd say he's really rising up in the world.

And on the topic of radio personalities, I've noticed that the weather people have some kind of sick mind. With phrases like these:
"This Friday it will be 101 degrees, and Saturday we can expect a heat wave to come in!" (Because obviously 101 is not the heat wave.)
"Monday, expect a high of 107, Tuesday, a high of 105. Wednesday we will see things cool down with a high of 100."
I live in a place where this is the norm.

I noticed that some intersections have very poorly painted cross walks. All bumpy and zig-zaggy. I wondered if the city workers were just really bad at their jobs, until I realized that the paint was smeared in the direction that cars drive. Guys. It gets so hot here, that the paint on the roads melt and get smeared out. And I'm talking cross walk paint. That stuff is no sidewalk chalk. That's like.... colored asphalt.

So you can gather, it's pretty hot here.

We bought an orchid on Saturday, and on the way home it almost died, it was that hot.

It didn't die. It's still alive.

But somehow? It's still really beautiful here. There is some kind of crazy plant here that can handle these temperatures, that thrive outside when humans would die. There are yellow, pink, white flowers, allllll over. And they're gorgeous.

If the plants can live like this, so can I.

But I will say, I miss clouds. I don't remember what they're like. I've been here for some three weeks, and I already forgot what clouds are like. All I know is the sun. Which typically I enjoy, but turns out, pregnancy makes your skin a little bit more sensitive than thin egg yolk on a frying pan. Step into the sun without protection, and it may be the last thing you do. The way to deal with this is to just not step into the sun very much. Summer here is like Winter most places. It's nice for a bit, but you learn to not go outside too much. Just ah..... 4 more months of this.

You know what's strange? The birds here are different. I didn't plan on that. I don't know how to describe them, but they're different. There's one particular bird that is always throwing its head back and laughing. At everything. It makes me self conscious. Or rather, it did, until I learned to laugh with them. And now things are alright.


That's all for today.

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