Arizona Actually Has Trees

I've been on another blogging hiatus it looks like! I have a hard time, sometimes. I got the best computer ever this summer, after an accident involving an over sized water balloon, a bath tub, and my old lap top. New computer rocks though. It's a lil tablet hybrid, I can rip the screen off and use it just as a tablet, or leave the keyboard on and use it as a computer. It's tiny and precious and does everything I want. The touch screen makes it really fun to do graphic stuff, since I can draw on it!  But the draw back is that it doesn't have a SD card reader, so if I ever want to upload pictures, I have to use Joseph's computer.

Here's the story of Joseph's computer.

It's old. It's head is falling off. We use duct tape to keep it together. The hard drive was dying. But my hard drive, from my old computer, was just fine! Despite the water balloon incident. So we took apart Joe's computer, put my hard drive into it, and put it back together. And now it works, but it is a franken-computer, and it's not one I like to use. But I need to use it if I want to upload the pictures. Thus, I just don't upload pictures.


We went camping a few weeks ago. I was not entirely sure what to expect, camping in Arizona. I had been told that there were forests and the like, but I wasn't convinced honestly. We looked up our campsite on Google maps, and it was flat as could be. There were trees, but it was flat. So, we had to see what happened.

We started out on the drive, and went through about 30 minutes of pure cactus. The desert is stunning, for all of you doubters. It is beautiful. There are mountains and rock-scapes and the most interesting plants. It most certainly is green, and it is beautiful. It feels like another world. We'd been experiencing some rain, and so the clouds overhead were just amazing, dark, but with so much light shining through.

Then there was a 30 minute drive through bushes before getting to Payson. The bushes were a little boring, but it was still quite nice. And then suddenly BAM, trees. We started driving up and up and up, into thicker trees, and before we knew it, we were on the top of the mountain. At our campsite. It was flat, but that was because it was on the top of the mountain. And it was beautiful.

We made a fire, made food, hid in the tent while it rained and grinned like little kids that we were sleeping in a tent and it was stormy out and that we were together having fun. We woke up to thick fog the next morning, took down camp, and went fishing. We caught absolutely nothing, but it was still a beautiful lake.

And that was the trip!

Stay tuned, We've begun work on the nursery. The promised floor bed will be posted soon.

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