Rough One

I'm getting increasingly terrible at blogging. I'm not super great at goals. Or blogging goals. Or goals about making 5000 steps when it's over 100 degrees out. Or goals about doing some big adventure every day.

I've been doing bujo lately, though...

bujo: Kinda like journaling and planning and doodling all had a baby.

That's the literal definition from the dictionary.

But nah yeah it's cool. I make note of my days. I stay organized. I make it look pretty. And my life gets recorded in small amounts. So it's not like nothing is getting recorded. Just not for the whole world.

Besides instagram/facebook.

I kinda put everything out there, huh.

Well. The boys are asleep so I thought I'd write some. There is something different about writing on the computer. I'm pretty fantastic at typing. I can type fast! And I love the sound of clicking. And watching the words fly across the screen. I like that. And writing is something I can do. Writing is one place where I don't feel like I need to compare myself to others. It's a nice art, in that way. Writing is just me. And here is my most efficient place of doing that writing.

What has been going on lately...

Little M was blessed.

It was a beautiful weekend, surrounded by family. Lion child and M were very spoiled with all of the attention from both sets of grandparents, their great grandparents, and one of their uncles. Lots of playing outside. The weather has been marvelous, not a day over 110 in some time.

Which is kind of pathetic, that I consider that marvelous.

And we've resorted to talking about weather on this blog, so things are very thrilling right now.

Things truly are pretty exciting though. We like to keep our life full of changes. Like car shopping, planning remodels, work... And boy work has been great. I've picked up more time. I realized that I have the ability to control our financial situation with my work. So I took the reins and did just that. I feel a lot happier when I'm working like this.


I've been continuing with my yoga thing. If you're on instagram, you see that. A lot. But my instagram is private, so for all of you at home...

I think I could do to use way more b&w, don't think there's nearly enough there.

Yoga has been really great. I started it shortly before becoming pregnant with M, and he really did put my progress on hold, as much as I didn't want to admit it. Inversion poses and twists are NOT great when you're carrying an 8lb baby on the front of your body. I kept the practice going in order to stay flexible and fit (and it paid off in labor!) but didn't progress. Really just maintained. I did build strength though, because chaturangas with a said 8lb baby on your front really strengthen your arms.

Some words on yoga.

I've been fighting myself again. That's vague enough for you. But this yoga thing has helped me de-OH SHOOT THE OLDER CHILD IS AWAKE.


Yoga has helped me maintain fitness of body and mind. Watching one's body stretch and do things that typically aren't found in nature really fuels your mind with confidence. 30% of the time I look at the pictures I take of my routines and think "Heugh, that is what I look like?" but 70% of the time I think "Woah! I can do that?! Not too shabby!"

And that's pretty great.


What else to talk about.

I'm not really sure.

I suppose I have this wanderlust lately? But wandering is significantly more difficult in that heat that was afore mentioned and with two little boys. So I've been trying to think of ways to meet that need for adventure from the confines of an air conditioned room.

It's tricky.

If you have any ideas, let me know.

This whole blog post has felt wholly uninspired. So I'm gonna cut it out and go bujo some before I start critiquing this too much. 

Everyone have a swell day, you hear? Tah tah for now, my readers. 

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