Oh Em Goodness gracious. I don't post that much OBVI. Sorry. I don't actually talk like that. Anyways. It's been a while since I've posted! That's because I didn't think the world deserved to hear my wisdom. Hah. Joking. It's because I've been busy! As many of you know, I moved out of my home in Ogden last Friday. I now live in Salt Lake City and attend the University of Utah. This is the first time I've ever moved ever in my life. Ever. So I have lots of wisdom on life! Would you care to hear some random things I've learned? No matter what shoes you wear, walking a lot is going to make you tired. My swamp cooler works better when my windows are open. The thing is it works too better. My blinds are regularly sucked out into the world. And they haven't been educated well enough to know what it's like being in the world. I've tried teaching them a few more things since I moved in, since clearly the last tenant didn't teach them anything. Lazy. I run into random people through the day that know who I am. And I don't know who they are! It's a lot easier for a person to meet one new person than it is for one new person to meet a billion people. There are a wide variety of people in Salt Lake City. Very wide. My eyebrows look funny if I don't shower in the morning. The mountains here bear a striking resemblance to those in Ogden. I don't know why I like marching band. I sat down yesterday on the last day of camp and assessed it. I'm marching in trillion degree weather, sweating every liquid in my body out of myself, and working my tail off! I'm serious! I don't even have a tail anymore! Why do I do it?! I don't know actually. I have no idea. I like it, I love it, but I don't know why. Probably because I'm insane. (See New World Adventures) The door to my bathroom doesn't shut too well. If the window is open (Which it shouldn't be) and the swamp cooler is on, the door will blow open. Even if it's locked. Maybe it's the swamp cooler again. My mail man in Ogden is the best. My mail man here might be a woman. But whoever it is, they aren't the best. Laughing is good for you! It's healthy to laugh a lot all the time. Ok maybe not all the time. But I challenge you to laugh once a day! Even if you have to force yourself to. Just look in the mirror, force a laugh, and you realize how ridiculous you look and you start laughing. My parents text far more than I ever thought possible. If I don't brush my teeth promptly after eating, I get cranky. Vitamins are good. Sometimes I forget to take them and I wind up dead in the streets. Some guy down the street sings at night. Either that or it's a radio. Whatever it is, it's relaxing to listen to when falling asleep. Doing dishes on time always pays off. Don't take for granted the food provided for you when you live at home. Then you move out and have to decide what to eat yourself. It's not too fun. I don't even like grocery shopping all that much. I think I only liked it because I liked to annoy my mother. Well I'm wisdom-ed out. I'm tired, be disappointed in me as you will.


Kellie said...

What, you dont want your parents texting anymore? :) SUFFER!!! Not gonna happen girl. I needed a laugh from you today. I dont get them anymore.

chip said...

Vitamins are good ONLY if they taste good, you know that?