Random is my favorite flavor!

Today Lara will blog about deep topics. I didn't know what to blog about, so I typed into Google "Random Topic Generator" and it came up with exactly that. So I will type a little bit about each topic till I get bored. - Faking Happiness: Can people really do that? Is it really happiness? It's like fake sugar. It's not sugar, doesn't taste like sugar, never will taste like sugar. - A break down of world religions: Um. There's a lot of those. And if all of them broke down, that would be sort of sad, and the world would be sad. I don't think they'll break down any time soon. Or. Ever... - Childhood Football Stars: I didn't know what football was when I was little, ok? Laugh if you want. Maybe I was British or something where football was soccer. If that was the case, then my Dad would be my football star. He was good at it. And would always beat me. -Museum of Fine Arts: What? That's it? What? Wait. What? That's not a topic. What? -History of Soccer: Ok that's ridiculous. Do people actually blog about that? -How to Properly Critique a Painting: This is a good one. Hold up your dominant hand. No, do it. Press your 3rd, 4th, and 5th fingers against your palm, so that only your index finger and thumb (which is not a finger) are extended in a V. Then put that V under your chin, and tilt your head about 30 degrees to your dominant side. Squint your eyes, bend backwards, and say something about the inner man in a deep voice. Or a really feminine voice, either works. However, it works best if said voice is in British. Optional: If the V finger position feels uncomfortable to you, you can put your hands in your pockets. This requires you to bend back much further though, which some people are incapable of. -Plato vs Aristotle: Both are really really great, but they don't really relate to each other. I mean... I guess Plato is better if it's the kind that you can eat and isn't salty, but Aristotle is one of my favorite clothing stores. If you made me chose, I'd take Plato. Just because today I commit to get in touch with my inner child. -9th SS Panzer Division Hohenstaufen: I agree completely. What were we talking about again? -Winston Churchill's attitude of Adolf Hitler: No. -Abandoned places, not often visited: My heart. .... Ok I couldn't keep a straight face for too long. That was a sad answer, I take that back. I feel very loved. - How to properly critique a painting: I did that already. - Serialism: Is that people who can't take a joke (or sarcasm for that matter)? To that I say off with their heads. Well I got bored a lot faster than anticipated. I'm impatient, punish me as you will.


Kellie said...

Dont have a broken heart, my dear! I LOVE YOU!!! I am so glad I can read these blogs and get a bit of your nuttiness during my day. LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW!!!

Becca Smith said...


Just felt like commenting.

chip said...

Random topic-Why Lara is so cool--Because she can ride a scooter like no other