What is a Lara?

Every now and then in the life of a girl, you run into a Lara. No one is quite exactly sure what she is, that's a secret that she likes to keep to herself. But she is comprised of several things. And so to start out, we're going to go ahead with the cliche "___ Random Things About Me!" I don't know what number it is. You count it up how about. And we'll see how it goes.
  • I like the rain. A lot. It's almost unhealthy.
  • Before I fall asleep, I pin every single piece of hair out of my face.
  • I'm moving away this Friday for the first time in my life.
  • I think I'm more likable than I actually am.
  • I get 'then' and 'than' confused more than I used to.
  • I like any kind of ice cream that isn't black.
  • Just kidding, I remember I don't like play dough ice cream. (It tastes like actual play dough! Ew.)
  • I lost multiple bra sizes being drum major this year. Fine by me.
  • I've started several blogs over the course of my life, and none of them last. Maybe this one will!
  • I make a wish on every shooting star, every first star, every dandy lion puff, I like wishes.
  • I like to be clean. Literally. Taking showers, brushing teeth, coming hair, I love it all. Can't get enough of it.
  • I hate spending money, but I love getting clothes.
  • My boyfriend is on a mission.
  • When I was 15, I got hit in the face with a flute. Yes. A flute. It broke my two front teeth.
  • People who argue on facebook annoy me.
  • One of my best friends can lick her elbow.
  • I don't believe in text speak.
  • I go fan girl crazy over the Cavaliers
  • I yawn more than normal people do.
  • I'm attending the University of Utah.
  • Most of my friends are considerably older than me.
  • I'm tired of typing stuff about me.


Kelsey Musselman said...

welcome to blogging...again

MEK said...

Well, I hope this last. I love to read about you. Its something, I am obsessed with......Oh wait I sound like a stalker hmmmm I not do you even worry about that!

Kellie said...

MEK, I am obsessed with reading about her too. She is an interesting sort, isnt she?

Anonymous said...

You got hit by a flute?! That's weird! Normally it's the trombones we gotta look out for!

chip said...

Okay. So because I have no life, I'm making it my mission to comment on EVERY SINGLE POST of yours. Here goes.

I hope you keep up the blog! Its been doing well so far. If I become your friend, it would be TOTALLY AWESOME. And I like making new friends.