My middle name is actually... Danger.

My mother watched me type that title and walked away whispering "Oh good grief...." Anyways. Really. People think my middle name is Jean. And thanks to the wonderful world of social networking, people think my last name is Jean! Actually, those are both wrong. I'm sorry for leading you all astray. Because (and this is pretty deep fools...) My middle name is Danger. I suppose you could have gleaned that from the title. Bah humbug. When I was a little girl (that's how my Jr. Miss monologue started out!) I was the adventurous type. There was so much left to see in the world! So much to do! And being little, I did it all. People worried about me because well, the stuff I did just wasn't safe. But come on now, I was little. I didn't know what 'safe' was. Pft. Then I grew up. And 'it' happened. ('It' being growing up.) Hah no. What happened was, I was on a delightful ride of wonder on the delightful rides of wonder, being four-wheelers. Looking back I have no idea how we managed, but we fit 4 people on one ATV. Little sister up front controlling gas, daddy behind... controlling little sister I suppose... and me and Brian on the back in a magic balancing act. I was looking around, not a care in the world, thinking about the next thing I would paint, and next thing I knew I was laying on the ground with my family zooming off. I got up thinking I would chase them down (must have hit my head???) and when I stood up my leg gave out under me. Come to find out a few days later, it was broken. Middle school was just a terrible part of my life in that way! I got hurt so much. Falling off a four-wheeler, falling down the stairs (at school even.) and gosh. I don't even know what I did that other time. I got hurt a lot. And the blame was always pinned on those devil machines, ATVs. Freshman year in high school, I learned how to drive them. And well gosh, the rest seems to be history. I think I liked being in control. It happens with everything. I hate driving with people who drive fast, but I love driving fast. Cars, ATVs, boats (?) and everything. I like to be in control. That is it. And to this day, I haven't been injured once by those 'devil machines.' Heck, I haven't even gotten in a wreck. Today reaffirmed my suspicion that they are devil machines. The scene was much like the one before, riding around, not a care in the world... but the difference is that this time I was driving. I don't know what happened, but it makes me sick to think about it. A butterfly flew out in the road in front of me, and I couldn't stop in time. I killed a butterfly. I'm a monster. Shoot me as you will.


Kirsti Reed said...

I'm proud of you!!! You're becoming an avid blogger! YES!!!

chip said...

I'm back!

I love driving fast too. I killed a baby spider once when it was crawling on me and then I felt bad because it would never see it's family again. :(