Unattainable Men of Twenty-Ten

Yes, I'll admit it, I'm human. Even worse, I'm a human teenage girl. And being such, I am subject unto crushes that I can do very little about. Just because these people are, you guessed it, deemed 'unattainable'. We're going to count down the top 5.

  Dan Bergstein This man is hilarious! Dan is a writer for my favorite website, Sparknotes. He has become something of a celebrity through his most famous posts, Blogging Twilight. If you haven't read these, I urge you to do so now. You might just laugh yourself to death. So... read with caution.

 Lee Pace I mean, look at him. That face. He's got those eyes! It just makes you go "Awww" and I usually don't go "Awww" over men. And it doesn't help that he stars in pretty much all my favorite things. Pushing Daisies, with his tragic love story with a girl he can never touch, Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day as the guy we ALL know she should be with, but of course she doesn't realize until the very end. Lee Pace is a sweet heart plain and simple.

 Captain Li Shang Yes. From Mulan. We watched this movie at girls camp a few years ago, and went into severe depression upon realization that we can not actually marry this man. Since he's a cartoon. He's a war hero so um... yeah. And he looks great without a shirt. Probably because he's not real. Hence, unattainable.

 Calvin and Jake I may not agree with how these hooligans do their shenanigans, but they can write. They fall into the same category as Dan. I've never met them, but I like the way they write. They're straightforward and not afraid to say what they say, when a lot of people are afraid to even read it. They're sorta jerks with how they treat women, and they may not be a Peter Priesthood, but we're entitled to our own bad-boy crush, right? And last, but certainly not least...

  Dick Van Dyke He may be old but hey, I go for older men. He can dance, he can sing, and he's in his late 80s and still at it! He first stole my heart with Step in Time from Mary Poppins. He's so happy and energetic! What a great man. The world is a better place for knowing him. Honorable Mentions go to: John Williams Victor Borge I'm weird. Judge me as you will.


Cenz said...

Haha I alway thought prince eric from the little mermaid was a babe :D haha Captain Li Shane is pretty fine too

chip said...

*gasp* You didn't mention Darren Criss?! I'm sad. I thought you were an AVPM fan...:/