Ya'll Spelt-t Rong.

ive bean geting a tawn of cwrap over my speling in this blog so i decieded too giv u sumthin 2 talk abowt.

i spell things and use my gramer how i wont them 2b and somtimes i make mistaks. boo hoo. next person to menchun my spellering or pronunciashun or gramer will B geting won hummiliating blahg poast commming they're weigh.

b-cuz trust me. i hav allllll sOrTs of tRaSh on yOu. and im nawt afeared to wip awt the big guns.

b afreared as u will.

(Actually, some of you might want to rail on this just to see what I have to say. It might be silly!)

b afrearearededddd.


Kellie said...

Soooo, I take it that someone who will remain nameless, criticized you for your spelling. To that person, I say BOO HOO TOO!!! I can bet yours is much worse than poor picked on Lara. And I have a feeling I know who that nameless person is.

Megan said...

Lara! You are so bad at spelling! It's astonishing!

jacquelineada said...

Ah! Hey, it's not me, is it? Just because I pointed out the fact that you had made a grammatical contradiction while you were trying to make a point... I had your best interests in mind! I was being a good friend! I was just looking out for you!

Lara said...

Jacquelineada dearest, it wasn't you :) I was on my way to fix that one because it bothered me too! I really do appreciate your advice, for real! Doncha worry. You're the bestest ever :D

Now YOU Megan... tisk tisk ;)

chip said...

That was painstaking to read, but I only finished it because I thought that Platform 9 and 3/4 was hidden in there. I was disappointed.