Lara Was Here

I exhibit some traits in the way I live that can help people establish whether or not I have been around. I'm going to describe some of these to you, for just my house.

How to tell if Lara was in the...

There is a knife with peanut butter on it in the sink.
The oven probably was left on. Especially if it was 5pm when she left. (This oven is confusing)
The sink is full of bubbles because... I love bubbles.
There are a bunch of wet dishes stacked on top of all the dry dishes. It never crosses my mind to put away the dry dishes.

I only go in there in the morning and at night. so...
If it's the morning, the mirror is hecka foggy. Hot showers are my favorite.
If it's night, there's probably water ALL over because I wash my face at night and for some reason it makes an unreasonable mess. I clean it up as best I can.

Lara's Bedroom:
It's a mess. Not TOO messy. It looks like she cleaned, and then made it a mess in a few minutes. Very insightful of you! That's exactly what happened. It's always clean when I'm in there, I make sure it is, it drives me crazy if it's not. But then I'm in such a hurry to leave, and it ends up messy on my way out. Such is life.

The Dining Room:
All chairs are pushed in but one. I can't eat when the chairs are unscooted. So I push them in. Then I forget to push in my own. I'm not THAT big though, so it's not painfully obvious.
There's music all over the piano. My sheet music doesn't have numbers on it. It's hard to organize.
The plant growy thing probably has something wrong with it. That happens because I like to look at it. And I guess my eyes have a way of dismantling it. My roommates don't mind though.
The yellow chair was moved into the sun. It's a gorgeous yellow chair and OH MY GOSH photo shoot time. Gorgeous chair. Gorgeous. 

The living room:
My sunglasses are on the table. They always are. I forget that I have them so I forget to wear them.
'The switch' is never in the same position it was in when I entered the room.
One of the couch cushions is leaning to one direction. I pile my whole life on that cushion. It ends up crooked.
My scooter is propped up in the doorway in an awkward manner. Somehow my roommates have figured out how to make it look nice, so they fix it when they walk by. I can never get it like that.
All the mail has been rifled through, but it's still in the mailbox. I check the mail every day. Only though I only get anything on Fridays.

I'm not Sasquatch. I leave tracks. Cover them up as you will.

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chip said...

Could your sunglasses possibly be...Starkid sunglasses? *hopeful*