To Be Continued...

This first part has nothing to do with the post, but the title of this reminds me of something. When I was little, my sister made a drawing and hung it in her room for years. It was a flower with the words "Too Cute to Continue" on it. She made it herself. And thought it was adorable. We had no idea what in the world it meant. Neither did she.

The goal of this post? (Heh... goal post...) Finish all the posts I've done before that have potential cliff hangers. Or could have anything added to them. So from the earliest to the most recent... here you go!

My Middle Name is Actually Danger: I now proudly cross the streets when it says don't cross because I know how the street lights work. What! (Said in the way they say it on Psych all the time.

Close Encounters With The Third Kind: I see this guy every time I go to the store. But I maneuver so he won't see me again. Even when I wear sunglasses people talk to me.

Discoveries and Adventures Part 1: Still have no idea what in the world that switch does. Most likely a dinosaur. Last time I flipped it a bunch of dogs started barking.

Discoveries and Adventures Part 2: The Cereal: I spelled "Cereal" wrong. Also, now I eat cereal out of a salsa jar. Sometimes even out of a bowl. I'm grown up.

Sometimes: Sometimes the radio plays exactly what I need to hear, and it makes my entire life.

That Thing Who Lives In Our House: I bought more ores for the Picc section. Then I forgot to bring them to the game. So I ate all of them too and OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! Sorry. Great song just came on the radio. See the above 'paragraph'. So I'm on the way to eating all those oreos too. They're great with peanut butter.

Pee-M-I and Other Information: Pandora is the love of my life. There's a promo going on right now for deodorant and I filled out this little survey thing on the side, and now it's playing music specialized to that survey and it's EVERYTHING I love. Everything. Also piano music is good for studying everything. So that's what I use now. Except when blogging. I use anything when blogging!

The Question Hiding Under My Bed: I broke a fuse in my house, and until it's fixed, our laundry won't work. There was a shirt I really wanted to wear, so I took a bit of laundry soap upstairs in the lid of the container, and used it to hand wash the shirt. I haven't put the lid back. What if the big one hits and the soap falls on the ground? I'm too lazy to go replace the lid. And oh my laws, who is this singer? She's fantastic!!! (Colbie Caillat, should have known...)

New-Fangled: I had no idea that this post would kick off so well. Since it's been up, I've gotten about 15 more followers! That's fantastic! 9 more, and I believe that a giveaway is in order! Thanks everyone, I owe it to you!

Species Confusion: Shout out to the Utes, who have actually set a record in the nation for most games won in our house. Protect this house I will. Yoda I am. Oh and I thought of another thing our mascot could be! Fancer, i.e, the annoying way of saying Fencer, or Fancy i.e., the person you like.

Interrogation: Jackie Loveland from Promenade: Miss got a date for this weekend! Goal accomplished!

The Hostage Situation: I went out a different door. I haven't seen the beast since. Sorta wish I gave him a chance though.

That's all for now, I'm sure that more will pop up in the future. Thanks. I mean, you're welcome... I mean...

I feel awkward. Stare straight forward and look at me writhing on the ground out of the corner of your eye as you will.

They came along... I wrote a song for you... and all the things you do... 

Today's post was brought to you by Pandora! 


Shenise said...

Pandora IS amazing! I can't believe I'm just now finding out about this LOL. And the piano music- TOTALLY helps me mellow out when I'm all stressed and whatnot...such a comfort :)

chip said...

I. Love. Pandora. It just gives me all these happy feelings, like...like, a Patronus!