The Hostage Situtation

You all know pick up lines... ever heard of break up lines?

"Is there someone following you? Because I'm seeing other people behind your back."

Ogden was ok! Sure I lived by a bunch of crazy people, but I didn't have too many problems. Sure there was the occasional or not so 'casional cat call while I walked to school, and some weird people might follow me around shouting at me trying to 'get to know me'. But nothing like it's been here.

I was going for a walk with Nan, and she glanced around and said "You get a lot of looks, how do you feel about it." I shrugged and said I was used to it. But I didn't know how bad it was.

You heard about that guy at Smiths... he's part of it. I don't see him too much anymore though. Yesterday I was ambushed outside of my Calc class where EVERYONE was talking to me, not each other, me. All about different things. I went crazy.

Today I realized how bad it really was though.

Someone followed me to school.

They're waiting outside for me.

I'm scared.

I couldn't help but talk to them when I first saw him, I mean, he was really cute! He walked out of this empty house and came right up to me. It was just a casual encounter with someone. But as I headed on my way, I looked behind me and he was following me! I figured maybe he was just going somewhere, but he kept cat calling me and then I get to my building, go inside, turn around, and he's there staring after me. It's really creepy. I haven't checked outside again... but...

If you happen to be walking by the biology building and you see a beautiful ginger kitten, call the cops. It's following me. But please don't hurt it... it's just a baby kitten. But I can't be followed like this, unacceptable.

I'm being held hostage... negotiate as you will.


Kellie said...

How cute!!! I love this one! Cat calling. Funny girl

Barbara Rosenthal said...

Lara, make sure you keep a friend or fellow classmate with you. Dont walk alone.

Lara said...

Chip, you're cracking me up. Who are you?

chip said...

Oh, me? I'm just a small creature, from Starship. Pika pi! (But seriously, I'm glad you don't think I'm creepy. My name is Hannah but I don't live anywhere near you or know you, I'm a freshman in Kansas. I just think you're really cool. :)