Interogation Part 1: Jackie Loveland from Promenade

Ladies and Gentlemen! (I don't think any guys follow this blog... if you do... you rock. Oh wait! Sorry CalvinJake! Forgot you two! You rock.)

I went to high school. I know I know... hold your applause... and in doing so, I made myself some of the best friends in the entire world. And today I am pleased to introduce Jackie Loveland from Promenade! We went to middle school together, but we weren't ever really close until Sophomore year. And then I have no clue what happened, but she and I wound up being the best of friends along with our amigo, Brittany Daniels who you get to hear from at a later date.

Jackie and I had pretty much every class together, and maintained an awesome friendship for a long time. Then we grew up and little tizzies got in the way, and for a while we were no longer 'friends'. But you know you have a real friend when you always wind up sitting on each others doorstep laughing about things that no one else gets. Jackie and I go to different schools now, and it's hard, but know what? I'm good with long distance relationships :wink wink: and some day in the future, either we'll be living on the same street, or we'll be living across the country spending thousands of dollars to visit each other. Something like that.

So here you are! Jacqueline Ada Loveland! (Insane applause)
    JackieHaha, those questions are hard!
  LaraHehe thanks. Random things come to mind siting in Calc with a bottle of soda. JackieIndeed. Shall we begin then?
 Lara: For sure!So. Dearly. Tell me about yourself!
  Jackie:I would describe myself as having a very large personality. I'm definitely a people person, and I'm good at everything. I had a rough childhood, which has caused me to be stronger as a person and as a model.
I'm also a genius.
  And a musician.
  Lara:  Eh so I'm watching America's Next Top Model right now and that sounds like an answer to their questions. Just saying.
  Jackie: (That's the idea)
 LaraHow did you feel in high school stuck in classes with people who worked so slow?
 JackieWell, it was difficult, but I persevered. I used my time to learn to better deal with people who are beneath me. I think altogether, it was a very good experience for me to have, altogether.
  Lara: On a related note, what is your favorite kind of cupcake frosting?
 JackieWell, I'm not sure what the difference is between cupcake and regular frosting, but I would definitely say cream cheese, because it's delicious and holds together better.
 LaraOh laws, it sure does.
  Ack stop thinking about cupcakes at 9pm... that's not a healthy snack time.
  JackieNo it is not! LaraDoesn't mean I didn't just eat tons of avocados.
   Jackie:Plus I just ate tons of ice cream.I mean, uh, then I threw up! Models don't eat!
  Lara: So. If you could replace anyone, anyone at all! with someone else, who would it be? And who would you replace them with?
 Jackie: Well, I would definitely replace... uhh... I... (frantic giggle) Umm, gosh!
I would replace my parents.
  With parents that are super nice.
  And loaded.
  Lara: Peculiar... very peculiar... we can expect great things from you. Great things indeed.By the way, there's a girl on ANTM this season that is size 30G! G!!! G!
  Is that even humanly possible?!
  Lara: I didn't know and then I saw her swimsuit walk! Holy crap! It's awkward!
Speaking of big....
  Lara:What is your biggest goal of the week?
  JackieWell, this week I would like to ace all four of the college exams I have to take... Lara:Shudder:
   Jackie: Either that or score a date.Which is less likely.
  LaraGet out there and be a tiger. The Utes like to tease me and ask me if I'm still a tiger.
  JackieMethinks men are intimidated by my incredible good looks and voluminous personality.
  And use of big words.
 Lara: You do have a very powerful presence. Gotta say. JackieYes, I'm realizing that. Sometimes it's a good thing, other times not so much.
   Lara: Biggest goal of the month?  Jackie:
  Oh, month, let's see... What month is it, September?
 Lara: Yeah it is!
  JackieWell, my biggest goal this month is to get my embouchure back in shape for concert season.
  And score a date.
 LaraThe two go together quite nicely eh?
  JackieHeh... heh heh...
  Didn't even think of that...
 LaraOh you're not pulling the sheep over anyone's eyes. Totally knew you were thinking exactly that. Hey world. Raise your hand if you knew she knew they went together well! DO IT!
  Biggest goal for the year? JackieWell, that would have to be... make it into Wind Ensemble.
  Or get a boyfriend.
  LaraBoth go hand in hand eh? Wink wink wink!!! Jackie: ...  Lara: Er wait..  Jackie:
 Or finish off the semester with a 3.7
   LaraThat would rock. I'd like to do that too.
  JackieI have to, to keep my scholarship. Lara: Gee wilikers I only have to have a 3.5!
POP QUIZ! Crayola VS Roseart!!!
   JackieOh, Crayola, fer sure. Much better quality.
  LaraAmen. Less waxy.
  LaraWoah... somehow I 'muted' this conversation. It says it's muted. Weird. Anyways.
  That makes no sense.
  LaraYeah I know. But this little thing is above it and it says "muted' like one of those labels on emails.What is your favorite memory of you and I?
 Jackie: Remember that time we went to Christmas Village a couple years ago, and you and I were running around that giant light up globe, but we went different directions and smacked into each other? Yeah, good times.
 LaraOh my gracious, that was a good time. And you were being super sneaky. Yeah.
  Let's look off into the distance together, shall we?
  Jackie: (look...)
  (nod mah head)
  Jackie: (ruminate) Lara(sneeze and ruin the moment...)
  Jackie: Gosh darn!
  Lara: Type a sentence with improper grammar right now. Do it! I command thee!
 Jackie: i cant do it its against my very nature to do such such a terrible thing lolz!!
  (shudder)That caused me pain.
  How do you spell the verb of LOL?
 The past tense version...
  Jackie: LOL'd, I believe.
  What is your favorite form of dancing?
  JackieSwing, without a doubt. Best. Ever.
  Lara: And who might our awesome buddy be who is taking swing?? Jackie: Brittany Daniels, y'all! (applause from unseen audience.)
 Lara: Hey audience, you'll be very privilaged in the future to be hearing from the wicked Brittany Daniels! She's bad! In a good way!
  If your life was a Disney Movie, how would it go?
(Who else is singing "If We Were A Movie" in their head right now?)
  Jackie: Well, just about the way it does, 'cept Jake and I would obviously end up on some sort of quest, during the course of which we fall in love. Then get married.
  Lara: What sort of quest? The quest to overcome "The Norm" or a quest of the supernatural?
By the way Audience, Jake is our buddy buddy, and at some point in time, him and Jackie have to get married. It's just how it is. Just because.
  Jackie: Indeed.
And I think it would be a quest of the supernatural variety, for sure. With magic and such.
  Lara: Yeah I can see that happening.
  Jackie: He would probably have armor.
  Lara: And there is a deep moral lesson to it.
  Jackie: Oh, of course!
  Lara: I have a deep moral question...
  Canst thou guess what it is?
  Jackie: I probably have the answer, being a transcendentalist.
  Lara: It has to do with baked goods.
  JackieNot the damp variety, is it?
  Lara: Nope. The kind that is hard to spell.
 Jackie: Croissants?
  Lara: Biscuits! How do you spell biscuit?
 Jackie: Oh! I think it's biscuit. Remember when we asked Mr. Park (for those of you in the audience, that was our beloved friend, mentor, and band director who left our high school after our sophomore year) and he didn't know either?
 LaraHahaha such was the moment I was referring to. Today at the U they kept asking how many of us came from a superb band program. Gotta say, freshman year rocked in Symphonic Band. Soph year rocked in marching band.
 Jackie: Yeeeeeeeeeah...
  Lara: Say the silliest think you can think of at the moment.
  Jackie: Oh dear... I'm not a naturally silly person, let me think...
 Lara: You do silly things lots of the times. Completely out of character. And it's hillarious.
  Jackie: Eh?
  Lara: I dunno. Just rambling. SAY SILLY THINGS! JackieEeep! Umm, I had a dream that I slept in and woke up at 12:38 and was late for band... Then I woke up and it was actually just like 6:30. Later I told my drum majors about it and they laughed because it was just so random. Then I woke up again and I was confused about reality for the rest of the day.
 Lara: Wow. Wow.
In conclusion... Any last words?
  Mua. Ah. Ah. Ahhhh....
 JackieUhh, tell everyone... it was all Ian's [Jackie's ex-boyfriend] fault. He created a monster.
  And sorry about the pineapple thing. You'll understand that one later... Lara: Oh... :cry:
  I... um...
  Jackie: Also, tell my parents I told them I needed to go to a doctor...
  Lara: Wait I'm confused.
  Jackie: Heh heh.
  Lara: Pineapples...
  How do we end this convo in the most awesome way possible?
 Jackie: Uhh... by jumping out of an airplane? While playing an intense improv piano duet? In Tibet?
 Lara: Deal! Th-th-th-htthhththt--thththth-THTHTH---THAT'S ALL FOLKS!
  Tweedledeetdeetdeetdeetdoooooo! Tweedledeetdeetdeetdeetdeee! Tweedle deedle do deedledeedle do.... doot doot doot doot doot DO DO DOOT! Jackie: Hee hee.
 Lara: And cut

We're adorable! Wrap us up and give us away as Christmas gifts to friends you hardly see as you will!
Also, stay tuned, as Jackie will be featured in a epic upcoming post. As will Brittany Daniels! Because we rock. As we will.


Brittany said...

Oh my lanta bandtasmics, I do love thee!!

Jacob Barton said...

I miss the cool life, the "cool" part of being in High School. And Jackie, I totally agree with you on the Disney movie thing.

chip said...

Lara, I like your dress in the picture.