That thing who lives in our house

I'm a pretty smart girl, not gonna lie. You've sorta got to have some sort of knowledge power if you're a math major, right? (By the way, am I the only one who gets the words major and magic confused?) Anyways. I went through high school so well. It was a breeze! I didn't have homework ever. I did everything I needed to in school, leaving a lot of time at home to do whatever. This presents what people call 'culture shock' being thrown into the rigid community that Universities are. Here I am, surrounded by people who are actually smarter than me. I have to work, and work HARD to be considered worth a person's time! What the hey?! That's not how I generally roll! (Also I get general confused with magic. I just get 'j' and 'g' confused. Read that first sentence of this blog again. Then come back here and read the rest of the blog, holding that sentence dear to your heart.) I study seriously every day. I come home, eat and breathe for 30 minutes, then jump right into studying. Look, it actually says dying. That's actually what I'm doing. I was going insane. I mean HOW MANY THINGS DOES A PERSON HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT THE FETCHING PATRIOT ACT BEFORE THEY FORM AN OPINION ON IT?! I guarantee I do NOT have to read that 39 page 'pamphlet' on it (another thing here... doesn't pamphlet make you think of something brief? Just to give you an idea of it? I'm going to kill something...) I do NOT have to watch a 90 minute podcast on it where the sound and the footage are off, I do NOT have to read a 4 part newspaper article on it! I'm pretty sure I would be just fine doing one of the above since they all SAY THE SAME THING! AGH! And Biology. Hoooo biology. I'm going rip your eye out. How would you like being bology? Sounds like a disgusting sandwich meat! I HATE YOU. STOP giving me TESTS. Professor! STOP finding ways to use stupid things like TEMPERATURE to challenge student's beliefs in God! You're STUPID Biology! I HATE YOU. Wooo. Ok. With that rant out of the way... I'll go onto what this blog is all about. As you can probably tell... at around 6pm, something snapped and I was sick of homework. And I remembered that Psych was online. So you know what I did?! I ate some salad. And I talked to Chauntel who has a soothing effect on a crazy mind. But after that was done, the crazy pants were on. I sat in my living room on the couch, pulled the oreos out of the cupboard (don't worry piccolos, I bought more for you. I needed a creative outlet, and sugar was it...) and I sat down with a glass of water and an entire case of oreos and watched Psych. I was laughing my head off. Then. Hoooo... THEN. Megavideo had the NERVE to tell me that I'd watched 73 minutes of video today! What?! I have NOT! Megavideo, you're on my hit list too. I'm going to violate your first amendment rights and invade your personal records just because I don't like you. So here I am, crying at Megavideo. And laughing at it too. Then I thought I heard the doorbell ring... but I didn't pay close enough attention. Marilyn walks on out, gives me a weird look, and opens the door. In walks a nice young man. To pick up Nan for a date! He comes in, sits across from me on the couch, and I look at him and smile with my teeth and mouth full of oreos and say "Heyyyy...." He nods back. Then I roll onto the floor and walk out of the room. After a few minutes, Nan was ready to go and they left. So I walk back out, and me and Marilyn chuckle a little over the oddness of our house (actually I just realized we were both chuckling at me.) Then the doorbell rings again! I sit up a little more straight, and close the oreos. In walks Marilyn's date! They talk a little about water bottles and cups, then he turns around and says hi to me! Marilyn introduced us, and he said "Oh yeah, I met you at that party a few weekends ago..." And Marilyn and I both remember it and do that thing girls do, you know... "Ohhh!" With our bottom jaw sticking out and our heads tilting back or whatever... (do normal people do that?) And he said... "Yeah you fit in very well..." I guess I did there, at the party. A bunch of guys tripping to get me drinks, all of them talking to me, giggling and being demure, letting them eat out of my hand (Ew gross stop it... Only birds and some dogs can eat out of my hand...) But here I was with oreo crumbs all over my shirt, slouching on the couch with my feet on the table. Yep. Here I am world. I fit in very well. Change the puzzle as you will.


Katie said...

You're the best blogger ever :) I love it1

Kellie said...

Oh, oh. oh.. What else can I say. I love you!!

chip said...

Lara, you are my blogging idol right now.