It's full of knowledge

I was sitting here on my computer, and I had just finished drinking the water in my water bottle. It's a pretty nice water bottle. It was left at our house or in our car or in the band room or something... it belongs to a band kid... but we didn't know who it belonged to. And we forgot to ask anyone. So after about... a long time... I claimed it as my own and I use it just about every day.

The bottle was empty. I've noticed some things. I've recorded myself while I was on the computer or on the phone or studying and it's really funny to see what I do. And for some reason, today I picked up my water bottle and started hitting myself on the head with it. And it made a really cool noise! It's either a really sharp G, or a really flat Ab. So I decided to record a video of me hitting my head with a water bottle.

Bad news. I forgot to record it the first time. So here I am hitting my head with a water bottle for about 3 minutes just for the kicks and giggles. I realized it wasn't recording and recorded another one. Here you go.

I have a headache now. You're welcome as you will.


Kellie said...

ummmmmmm.....not sure what to say.

Becca Smith said...

Pfff.... ahaha...... ah...


chip said...

You are brilliant if you can detect what note a water bottle makes by banging it on your head.