Feet taste funny

I have a little brother, Brian. And Brian has two friends. For the sake of their privacy, I'll call them by fake names. Let's see... Meff and Jichael.

Well, they have a mutual galpal and they were at her house this weekend. Brian left his phone there! So he texted Jichael and had him pick up the phone for him before he left, so that Brian could get it from him at school on Monday. It was a good plan.

Here's the thing, these three are tricksters and being such, they like to play tricks on each other. So Jichael had Brian's phone and he decided to send texts to Meff, appearing to be from Brian. And said text read "I want your body."

It's just how they work, they do things like that. It's silly.

Well, it was a good plan, it would result in some giggles. But here's where the trick went wrong.

While sending the text, Jichael realized that he had said the text to the wrong person.

When the text was supposed to go to their good buddy Meff.... the text was actually sent to my Aunt.

I laugh every time I think about it.


Kellie said...

Ya gotta love Jichael, dont ya? I tried to think of something clever to say to him today, but couldnt come up with anything. Help me.

Rebecca said...

You didn't end this with "as you will!"

chip said...

I have a small brother too! His name is Jack, and he also has two friends named Meff and Jichael! How weird!