My Best Work

I always feel that I do my best work when my brain isn't functioning. Maybe that's why I'm so awesome. I don't know what. What? What. There is a bag full-s worth of Mamba wrappers surrounding my computer. Because I pulled off a 24 hour fast today! YEAH! 24 hours! It's awesome. That's the longest fast I've ever done on purpose. Fasting on accident... that's different.

There's also 2 empty water bottles by my computer. But I don't think I drank them.

I'm wearing a fedora. I went to the Pie tonight. And everyone liked my fedora. It made me feel good about the fedora because the poor hat ends up on the floor a lot, and is always stepped on. Or has shoes thrown on it. Which is pretty much being stepped on. Does a shoe need a foot in it to step on something? I think not. I think shoes can do whatever they want. And they did exactly that by having a 40% 's' ratio and far too many vowels.

My tummy is so mad at me. Gamma broke the fast tonight with a banquet. When I go without eating for a long time my tummy shrinks. And then when I actually do eat it makes me sick. But candy makes it better. Candy makes the world better.

It's pretty much midnight. Ugh. I'm such a bad student. I don't want to go to school tomorrow.

I had this camera. It rocked. I had a new band uniform. It rocked. Well the band uniform and the camera had a pretty close relationship, and I think I know where you think this is going. But no. They didn't become friends or 'more than friends' like expected. No. My uniform ate my camera. My camera's in my uniform pocket. In the band room. In the stadium. All locked up. Ain't no way I'm seein that baby till the next game. Unless I ask nicely. And honestly, I'm not that nice.

I feel sassy. Probably because I ate. And went to the Pie. But I didn't do both at the same time. What is this buisness.

My hemp bracelet is starting to come off. And I made it worse today. This bracelet has been with me for a long time! Like 4 months! My sweater was coming under the bracelet, and I forgot, and when I took my sweater off it pulled on the poor bracelet and snapped a few threads. It reminds me of something.

I have this gold necklace that Josh gave me before he left on his mission. It was on our last date. Beautiful necklace. And our last date wasn't the last time I saw him, he came by before he was set apart to say goodbye one last time. So anyways. I was wearing this totally smokin turtle neck that day (I know what you're thinking, really Lara? Turtle neck??? This was a smokin turtle neck. If you saw it you'd think so too.) And I was wearing the necklace too. Then he left, bye bye, all that, and it was good. But that night I forgot I was wearing the necklace, and when I took the turtle neck off it stretched out the gold links on the poor necklace. It's still wearable. Just longer. And I don't like it longer. So I have to hook it this certain way to make it not so long. Which takes forever. But it's such a pretty necklace, I'm ok with forever.

It's so hot in here. I think it's this fedora. I'm gonna stomp on it.

I think if I posted more pictures people would read my blog more. No one reads my blog now. Seriously. I bet you all whatever is in my pocket that no more than 2 people read this post. Prove me wrong now. Comment in it. I know you can. And you might say "Lara, you're wearing a skirt, whatever is in your pocket isn't that much. So you're a fool." Oh yeah? OH YEAH? I'm the fool? NO YOU ARE! This is 2010 folk!!! Women have the right to vote! And we have the right to have pockets in our skirts! That's right. I just kicked you down.

That's all. I"m going to sleep. I'll probably skip out on institute tomorrow too. I'm a bad person. (I'll do homework and plan my Sunday School lesson. Good trade.)

You're crazy. Feel insecure as you will.


Courtney "Mable" Jones said...

I read you Lara! And considering that I am the first to comment, then after the next person does, I get what is in your pocket!! :) Bahaha! Even if it is lint. I like lint. :)

Anonymous said...

I read your blog too! I enjoy your crazy and random posts. They make me smile and laugh :)

Kellie said...

Ok, that was the most random post ever. And I READ YOUR BLOG, but I probably dont count,do I? I will think your awesome no matter what.

Kristina W said...

I read this post Lara! I've decided to fallow your blog more now, because, let's face it. It is just about one of the funniest happiest things I've ever read! :)

chip said...

I read your blog! I'm still the lil' freshman that's keeping up her comment mission...