The First Dare

Remember how I told you guys to send me dares? Well you didn't. So today my mom and brother called me when I was studying (thanks again) and gave me a dare. The video is sorta silly since it was just on my baby computer, but yep.

You can see my flesh wound in it. In band we wear decals on our face during game day. And to take it off, you put tape over it then tear it off. Well this time the tape and my skin got really friendly with each other and weren't quite ready to say goodbye. so.... my skin ran off with the tape. Thus... flesh wound.

What is the dare?

Mom: "I dare you to eat a piece of lettuce off the road OH WAIT SOMEONE DID THAT ALREADY."
Brian: "Shut up. I dare you to eat it off the parking lot, it's more daring."
Lara: "Ew no I'm not doing that. I already don't like food that much as it is."
Brian: "See you're gonna come home and be all anorexic."
Lara: "No I'm not... I like to cook."
Brian: "You said that really distantly."
Lara: "That's because you're on speaker and the phone is far away from me."
Mom: "I dare you to jay-walk."
Lara: "Jay walk?! Ok!" (Laughing)
Brian: "I dare you to jay-walk while eating ice cream!"
Lara: "Ok. Ok I'm going to do it."

At the end of the video you can hear my mother protesting that I can't jay-walk Doulgas street, it's not cool enough. Maybe we'll up it and go to 5th South some time ye?


Kellie said...

You nerd. Love you though! Your flesh wound looks pretty nasty.

Megan said...

I dare you to choreograph a dance to Star Wars techno and then perform it. I did that earlier. I forgot the choreography, though.

Becca Smith said...

It's just a flesh wound! Name that movie.

chip said...

I sent the email for your dare...even though you're probably not taking them anymore. *shrugs*