Two trains diverge in a yellow wood

You know, I was thinking.

Yeah I like that sentence. It's crazy enough that it lures people in and makes them feel like they should read more.

First I was thinking that my blog should have more pictures but I'm not sure what pictures I would post, and I don't even have a camera because of a silly obsession with uniforms so there are no pictures.

Also I was thinking that my blog looks bland. But I like it. It makes you read the words. Instead of looking at the lines on the side of the page. Though I do that too.

No, my main train of thought went something like this.

Sports are cool.

I wish I could fly. Like in Harry Potter. That would be awesome. No you know what? I wish I lived in Harry Potter! Not IN him, just at Hogwarts. I want to be a wizard. That would be cool.

Wait how did I get here? Oh right. Sports. Those are cool.

Now those two topics don't relate at all. Let's make them relate.

Sports would be more cool if magic was involved.

But magic doesn't exist! OR DOES IT! Is there anything anywhere in any sort of sports rule book ever that says magic is forbidden in sports competitions? If someone can provide me with solid proof that magic isn't allowed in sports games then I will do something. It'll be cool. And may or may not involve magic. Actually it probably won't.

But I SHOULD let you know that I'm a magician's assistant. I do not feel as if I have let the world know that yet. A few people know here and there, but for a good deal of time part of me was afraid to accept that it was true. But it is. I do magic. It's the best job in the world.

For your entertainment, illustrations of my train of thought.

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chip said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL train, I wish I were on the pretty train!

Even the explosion doesn't concern me.