I'm sure you all know what that phrase means. It means that your phone was in your pocket and it did something that you did not intend for it to do. This hasn't happened to me very often... I have been butt-dialed though! Or butt-answered-the-phone-d! It's fun just to yell at the person from their pocket until they answer the phone.

One time Josh had his phone in his pocket and it bought a tv. That's bad.

No, what happens to me is my face doing something. I have a touch screen phone so when the phone is on my face it wreaks all sorts of mayhem! The most common of which is muting the conversation so the person I'm calling can't hear me. That happens at least once a phone call.

Today while talking to my mother, my phone face-texted. The text wasn't sent, but this is what it read:


Yes. It says assassinated like 3 times. Also dispossessed. And dispose. I'm afraid of what my face-phone-whatevayawannacallit is trying to tell me.

Also I'm concerned with how much 's' was in there. I think my face also speaks parceltounge. That would mean I'm  a direct decedent of Slytherin.

Be concerned for my safety as you will.


Megan said...

I'm like, the master of butt-dialdom. FOR REAL. My phone is all "hey, I'm a put ten people on speed dial randomly, kay? Then when you sit down I can call them all. Cool. Bring me nachos."

chip said...

My butt likes to send texts to people. Such as, "hdjksldbunicornhauksibehsjnrainbowbhdiwbsglkshdjsjcupcakehsujahxekxgglitttter"