Death be the name

Murder be the game.

When you're a small child, overhearing your parent's supposedly private conversation about children they've killed can be alarming.

Well, let me rephrase that. My father wasn't in on the conversation. It was just my mom. Talking to my grandmother, aunt, and cousin. And those wicked family members were talking about horrendous things!

The conversation was rather boring at first, so I wasn't paying attention, but seriously, for little children the second you hear "You killed him?!" you're probably going to start listening.

My cousin was being accused of murder! That's ridiculous! My cousin is such an awesome people! And awesome people don't murder. Trust me. That's the slogan for my elementary school program to raise awareness of... not murdering....

And to hear all of the sudden that my cousin wasn't awesome. In fact she was a cold hearted killer, as shown by the next bit in the conversation.

"Well yeah, he was ANNOYING me!"

That was pretty much it for me. On the drive home from my aunt's house, I stared out the window the entire time wondering what was happening to my family, and wondering if my cousin would go to jail.

I listened to my family chastise her for killing someone, especially a child. She emphasized once again that he was annoying and that he wouldn't play quietly. If that doesn't get a child present in the room listening to an adult conversation to 'play quite' I don't know what does.

And then there was some talk about maids being fired, apparently my cousin had a maid too, I didn't know this. Obviously there was a lot I didn't know about my cousin. Also some talk about pleading with the grim reaper to stop him from taking the little boy, but hey, come on. When a little boy isn't playing quietly, you should probably let him die, right?

At this point, you may start realizing that something is off. And that 'off' something is the fact that while all of this actually happened, it happened in a different way, that being Sims. They were talking about a game. But no one explained this to me. And I spent a great deal of my childhood horrified, that not only would my cousin do such a thing, but that no one else in my family cared enough to call the cops on her.

Hmmm... for my 17th Birthday I had magical fun! I had a murder mystery party, themed on the Miss America pageant. I was Amanda America! The pageant winner from the previous year. And I was dating Joe. Judge Joe. Scandal! But the scandal ran deeper. Joe had his eyes on the favored to win girl of the Miss America crown, Tina Texas! Dun dun duhhhh! And I had sensed that something was up. Well, during our Miss America party, Tina is found dead. Actually at my party she wasn't found dead, she died a dramatic death in front of us all. It was tragic. :Cough cough:.

 There is the wonderful crowd. Full of hilarious characters such as Private (Investigator) Pete, Judge Joe, Judge Jake, Judge Julie, Daddy Big-Bucks, Anna Alabama, and other such people. It was by far the best birthday party I've ever had.

It's a very intense affair, full of bribery, lying, and mischief. My brother decided to make up fake information to give people, and they'd pay him to hear the press-stopping information he had. It was kinda hilarious. We had clues too! And Joe apologized to me about 2 minutes after Tina died saying he never loved her, I was the one for him. (Mmmm hmmm you better think that Joe). And during the voting, when people picked who they thought the murderer was, Joe voted for me. Most everyone voted for me. I'm not gonna tell you who it was though! I've got the craving to have another murder mystery party. I suppose I can't reuse that one though, since a lot of my buddy buds know how it goes already. But some day. And you are invited!

Do you have any interesting stories? I would say interesting stories like this but let's be honest, this isn't that interesting. Share them with me! In the comments below! As you will.


Brittany said...

I was such a scandalous wench! It was so much fun!

chip said...

Interesting stories?


Well, once apon a time I stumbled (yes, literally, I was on Megan Squared's blog, fell into the computer, and clicked a link accidentally) onto your blog. And from there, I decided to use my freshman wit to comment on EVERY SINGLE POST, so at least every post would have an adventure story.

The end.