I hasn't blogged in lyke 4-ev-er. Fer realz yo.

No ok, I actually just posted something. But I've been busy and stuff, so blogs haven't been rolling around like normal. They're only halfheartedly rolling around.

But I do have some interesting stories!

First story. I was looking at my stats for this blog, because that's what I do, I look at my stats, because I like stats.... but I really enjoy looking at my referring sites. They're very interesting to me. And I find out who talks about me on their blog, and who visits whose blog and stuff like that. It's enjoyable. But today when looking at the stats for referring sites, I found something strange. It was a website for something, I don't know what it was, but while the website 'loaded' it said "You may enjoy looking at these sites while your blog loads". And my blog was listed there! Along with an archeology blog and a blog about ancient Greeks and things like that. A Lewis and Clark blog among those looked pretty normal. But for those of you the frequent my blog... it has nothing to do with Lewis and Clark.

Also my blog address has been confused with the style of Lewis and Clark, as in what they wear. I decided just to clear up right here why it is called Lewis and Clark style.

Lewis and Clark went to a new world and discovered lots of things, and took note of what they learned. So in a similar style, as I go about this new adventure of my life, I'm blogging what I learn. And adventures like that. It may not be exactly "New", I mean the age of 18 has been around for some time... but to me it's new. And I hope to keep this blog around for a really long time. Because as far as I know, every day is new to me. I've never experienced it before. And you never know what you might learn when thrown into the unknown like that.

Another thing. It's a story.

I like mail, and you'll learn why I like mail at 9am on December 9th (Stay tuned!). But yeah I like mail. I'm not obsessive over it though. But yesterday I was feeling restless and so when I saw the mail truck down the street, I decided to do some stalking.

The mail lady came walking down the street. I've seen her before when I come home from school, what she does is she walks down one side of the road, and then crosses about half way through and hits my neighbor to the north, and then hits my house. So I watched her. And I stared at the mail in her arms, wondering if there was anything there for me. The pile shrunk, of course, as she moved along, and by the time she got to my neighbor's house I had pretty much lost all hope that any mail would come to me that day. She crossed my neighbors yard, walking towards my house, and sorted through the mail on the way. And she pulled out a dinky little post card. I was a little upset, because I really wanted mail that day. But there was nothing. I decided it would still be an adventure to stare through the mail slot and watch mail come in, I've never done that before!

I crouched down and stared.

I heard the clink of the mail slot.

But nothing fell in!

I jumped up in a state of confusion and stared through the peep hole, what happened to the dinky post card?! She stood on my doorstep looking through the remaining mail in her arms, and pulled out a letter for me! Oh happy day! But rather than reaching towards the mail slot....





"I heard you making noises through the mail slot, and I figured why not hand you the mail in person?"


I really missed my old mailman, Vern. He was the best. And everyone who receives mail from Vern can attest to that. So moving away was rather traumatic for me! I loved Vern! It took some time to warm up to the new mail lady, especially since she comes very very very late in the day...

But I think after yesterday, I don't know. I think we're best friends now.

And if she doesn't know that, too bad.

Give your mailman a hug as you will.


KaitlynMarie said...

Lara, I looked at my referring sites to see that my blog is listed on that same site, with the same blogs you said listed beneath it! My blog name has nothing to do with any of those topics, so I'm confused.

chip said...

As you wish. My mail-lady's (?) name is Jen, and she's very nice. I gave her a hug and she said she needed that. Thanks for inspiring me-to make the world a better place!