Hey everyone, just a little update!

The giveaway is now CLOSED! I will be posting the winners later this week! So get excited and stuff! I have everyone's votes accounted for, don'tcha worry. If I was unsure whether someone had 2 or 3 votes? I rounded up. So everyone has the proper number of votes! Thanks for the participation in this, it was awesome.

I'd like to make these giveaways a thing we do! Because I love you. You're the best followers ever and I like to reward you.

Also because I'm a greedy fat pig who likes self reward... and views/followers shot up during the giveaway. Neat and stuff!

So right, I'll post a picture later this week of what you won, along with THE WINNER! Exciting and junk! I'd do it now, but you know... school and stuff.... and dealing with my personality crisis (So I'm NOT a cancer?! I'm still a leo!? What the heck stars! WTFractle!)

I'd like to get your opinions on all this, if you'd like to share! What did you like about the giveaway? What didn't you like? What are some things that you'd like me to giveaway?

And if anyone has a small etsy business or really any business for that matter (You draw funny pictures... you take neat pictures, you bake, you make crafts, what have you!) and you'd like some advertisement for said business? Talk to me and we could work out a way of doing a giveaway for your product!

I'm thinking about next giveaway doing something awesome... along with an interview with the winner posted to my blog, so we can advertise you and your blog or whatever. How's that sound? Awesome!


sarcasm397 said...

Oh oh! I bake! I love to give things away!

Holly Lynn said...

I love your blog so much! You have great ideas!

chip said...

Yes, another giveaway is MOST CERTAINLY in order. ^_^