Booodery Goooodness

What a great day! I didn't step in any waffle batter, I didn't fall asleep during church... yeah. I think that's pretty much all that constitutes a great day.

But really, we got a lot of snow. I think it's my dad's fault, he was talking about how it didn't snow at all this winter, we never had a really good strong storm. And then we got one.

Along with a billion feet of snow. And I'm not one to exaggerate.

Is it just me, or does the word 'exaggerate' have an excess of the letter 'g'?

I miss my retainer. So much.

So yeah, made some cinnamon rolls today. I'm supposed to post a picture of something that makes me happy, and these pictures make me happy.

So, reading the paper  while the rolls rise, and seconds after this picture was taken I was found upside down in our recycling box with the chair on top of me. I may or may not have fallen off the chair.


Best rolls ever. We're pretty durn good cooks.


During this entire cooking ordeal, we found ourselves saying "Buttery Goodness" in alternating German and Southern disorder ( INSERT: Do you ever do that thing where you're typing and talking at the same time? I meant to say accent. Not disorder.) Sometimes both out the same time. 

Oh hey! I won my very first giveaway over here

I've never won anything before. One time I went to my cabin with my family over Easter. This was a long time ago though... I was in elementary school. And there was this huge community egg hunt up in the mountains. If you found a gold egg, then you got a gold dollar! Some of these kids were super competitive and vicious, and they got like 50 gold eggs. I only got one.

After, they had an auction type thing in which children could spend their gold dollars. And there was this stuffed animal bunny that I wanted so bad.


I had a single gold dollar.

And I was out bid.

I spent the rest of the day crying and eating mini gob stoppers. 

That was the start of me not winning things. But now I have won something!!! Maybe my luck has turned? I hope so. I'm going to win every giveaway from now on.


Maybe this is why I want a  bunny so bad.

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chip said...

I think bunnies are good for your health. Or maybe just animals in general, I heard that somewhere.