Letter of Discontent

Had a great day planned, and it went pretty well! Except for one thing.

Started out great, shopping with my family and my awesomest cousin (HI! HI ERIN!!! ERIN! HI!)

But when lunch time rolled around, it went down hill. We went out to this pizza place.... and man.

Ok. FIRST the waitress went and told us that the kitchen was running slow, and she offered us free salad bar.

THEN they brought around breadsticks, and if you've ever been to that one pizza place, you know what I'm talking about. Their breadsticks are crazy. By the time our pizza came, we were 20lbs heavier. Each. It wasn't like the food was bad... it was just like it was dead set on making our stomachs exploding before we left.

We finally choked down the last bit of food, as the buttons burst off of our shirts, when the waitress came by and  had the audacity to remind us that the food we ordered came with a giant ice cream Sunday.

So now I'm sitting back in Salt Lake staring unhappily at my stomach.

Today I'm supposed to write a letter to someone who's hurt me recently.

Dear Stomach,

I know we don't get along, and I make fun of you a lot, but really, when you act like this you deserve it. I do not like being treated like this. We had a deal where I can eat as much as I want, but you're not allowed to grow at all, and you can't make me regret every single thing I eat.

You really hurt my feelings and my self esteem. I want to be friends, I really do... but it looks like we need a break.

You're grounded.

No food until next Wednesday.

Love, Lara.

In other news, I'm back in SLC! And my retainer sits happily on my upper jaw.


Natasha Louise said...

Stomach's! Never do as they are told and never learn their lesson, hehe

chip said...

I think it's funny how you deliberately scold you stomach, then end with "Love, Lara."