Tuesdays! I love Tuesdays. They're the coolest kids on the block of week days. Sorry elitist weekend.... you got shafted. Tuesdays are movin on up!

Right. Today I'm supposed to talk about 15 things about me.

Cool! Let's see how much I know about myself!

1- I have a wicked sweet tooth, especially if it involves peanut butter and chocolate mixed together. Or cereal.

2- It's hard for me to leave the house without sunglasses.

3- This is the only car I own.

It's smaller in real life. But don't tell it that... it thinks it's a big car. It came out of a German chocolate egg.

But I DO own a scooter!

4 - I love John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Jon Schmidt, Michael Buble... yeah all those cool people.

5 - I have the body build of a dancer, but I am the most clumsy person alive.

Oh my laws... 10 more?! TEN MORE???!!!

6- I only drink milk if it has chocolate in it. 

7- I dress pretty boring on week days, but on Sunday I wear crazy clothes

9- I still sleep with a teddy bear

10- Even though it looks like I own a fish, I don't. I used to own a few plants. They died. I want to own a bunny. Because a bunny is more likely to remind me that it has flies surrounding it and it smells like death. Plants don't. 

11- I have issues with my bangs. I'm trying to retrain them. 

12 - I sometimes pretend that I'm a car, and that everyone around me is a car, and I don't want to run into them. It's a lot more fun when you're on a scooter.

13 - My eyes are perfectly normal, and not at all cross-eyed or whatever it looks like in the above picture.

14 - I have issues with clothes. 

15 - I think I'm addicted to chap-stick. 


There you have 15 things about me.

Today, while rolling out of the OSH building on my scooter, I over heard a conversation that someone was gonna video tape me on the scooter some day and post it on youtube. And I'd be famous.

Not even kidding. I know they were talking about me because they said "That girl on the scooter in the grey hoodie with the flower on her hat" 

I swear, I looked around, and no one looked like that. Except me. And you can't really 'look around' at yourself. 

I'm gonna be famous. Stay tuned.

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chip said...

Oh, so that was YOU I saw on the news yesterday?