Of Great Importance

Heyyyyy guys! Face planted it today! Actually I didn't actually land on my face.... but that's because my hands were covering it. Good thing for reflexes. Yay for being graceful! On a scooter! On a crack-ie-ish sidewalk!

It's kinda exhilarating.  Like looking at a week you have a billion mid term papers due, and something like five thousand exams.... you know it's gonna hurt. It's gonna hurt bad. And then you slam through it, and guess what! You were RIGHT! It DID hurt! But when you're done, and you realize you're still breathing, it's AWESOME!

I'm a dare devil.

So... you may notice that my blog looks different. See check it. The banner is new and stuff. And I'm kinda wanting to get this new... improving the world in little ways type-thing going, that involves all of you! So look forward to that. And tell me what you think of the new look.

Do it.

Right. Why do I start a lot of what I say with the word "right?"  Let's get jumping into today's challenge.

Day Today:

Post a picture of something that means a lot to you.

Yah I took that picture myself! (**Side note** There is a difference between Yeah and Yah. They sound different when you say them.)

I didn't really have a marker I could use, so I used eye-liner. I never use the stuff anyways... and it was a really cheap stick I had. So it's justifiable. And it looks 'ight.

The piano is of great importance to me. Music in general is. Once upon a time, my grandparents bought my family a piano. I would sit at that thing and just go at it. It was, and still is, magical that noise came from just a simple push of a button. Not just noise, music. It was beautiful to me. I was promptly signed up for lessons, and I took them until I moved away from home. A total of about 14 years. 

There were times where I hated piano, and I wanted nothing more than to get off that bench and finish my practice time... 

But looking back, some of my favorite memories were formed around a piano.

Listening to my daddy play this song... I don't know what it's called. But I could sing it for you.

Laughing my head off at the huge sneeze my brother made during a recital, and my teacher glaring at us to be quiet.

Talent shows in Elementary School.

Watching Rhapsody in Blue performed live during my final concert in the WSU Wind Ensemble.

Performing on my first Steinway ever for the Jr. Miss pageant.

Sitting next to Josh on one of our last dates together, playing the piano together.

Practicing on my Grandparents rickety old piano as my little cousin sat next to me and watched me.

Playing Clair De Lune for my Grandpa.

Playing the Organ for the first time.

Making up songs, and feeling ok, because they were terrible, but no one was around to hear it but me.

Finding pianos in secret places and playing secretly secret songs. In secret.

Playing the piano at farewell parties for friends going on missions. Knowing it was goodbye for a long time... but not forever!

Playing the piano for parents with special needs children while they ate dinner, and got a much deserved break from their days. 

I would sit at that piano, and practice when it snowed and I wanted to build a fort... and practice when it rained and I wanted to dance in it... and practice when the sun shone and I wanted to lie in the grass.

I would practice the piano when friends wanted me to come play, but I had to play my songs.

I would practice when chapters of my life closed, and I was sad, but the music took me somewhere else for a while.

I would practice when friends came and friends left, when dinner was ready and when the dishes were done. I would practice when the house was full of people, and when the house was empty. 

I spent a lot of my life at a piano, practicing, performing... playing.

Looking back, it was all play. Not a moment was wasted.


Beth said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! You should copy the baskets idea (I did) it is a great one!
I love piano, as mediocre as I may be. It is never a wasted moment when playing on the piano. :) love the picture!

Natasha Louise said...

I Love the new banner!!! and I Love the piano, wish I was better at it! :) xx

Veronica said...

Wonderful pic! I love your header!
Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!

chip said...

That's really cool, Lara! I've been taking lessons for 7 years and recently had to quit, and I never practiced but was still good at it (ish) and your post is making me nostalgic.