What's in your wallet?

I was a bit nervous today... It's the 24th! Remember how I had to read a sample of my writing to my honors class today? Well I did. I read the swimming essay.

I kinda tested the class before with some humor to see how they were feeling, and to see how they'd react to my essay... but it all went over well. So, good, right? Yeah I think so. Maybe I should read what they wrote on the notes to me hmm... ok.

Favorite feedback from written annon notes:

* This is funny, your personality shines forth with magnificent splendor. It is like lookng at the sun, while sinking into the depths of an out door pool.

*Dead person and HIS family... what if it was a girl?!

*It sounded a little bit not human.

*It probably needs to be more serious.

Over all, it was a good laugh for me and them.

Today I was asked on a date by a guy who recited an entire Dr. Seuss book to me. That's... impressive! Right? STOP SAYING RIGHT! Sorry.... I just have to check with you and stuff, and yeah... so.

Yep. Date tomorrow night. Rock climbing! It oughta be good!

Now today I'm supposed to talk about what's in my purse.

1 - My super fantastic wallet. Isn't it beautiful? I love it. Yes.

2 - My keys. One key to my house, one key to my bedroom, and a billion key chains.

3 - A pair of glasses. Either these fake glasses, my real glasses, or sunglasses. But some form of glasses are always in my purse.

4 - These pens. Sharpie pens. Am I obsessive or something? These are the only pens I can use! IT'S INSANITY!!! They really are the best though. If you send me some of these, I'll love you forever. I mean... forever.

5 - Chapstick. Right now I've been going through a Fanta chapstick craze. Usually it's Dr. Pepper chapstick, but these days I'm diggin the strawberry and grape Fanta!

6 - Lip gloss. You know those moods where you're feeling flirtay-sassay and plain chapstick won't do? That's what lip gloss is for. It helps if it's minty and tingly too, that's why the vanilla mint is my favorite kind. Also because it says this on the back.

That's right fellas. Pucker up.

7- My MP3 player. It's not an iPod... I'm not that cool... I'm cooler! It's a Sansa. And it thinks it's hilarious to randomly turn off, and then reset everything when I turn it back on. I need something new... any suggestions?

8 - This mini car. I don't know what it is about this car... but it was sitting on my shelves for the longest time, and I just recently decided it belongs with me. Always. So now I carry it around. And play with it on top of my computer or text books when I'm bored.

9 - My phone!

There you go. Now you know way too much about me. Keep secret, or I will send an assassin after you. As I will.


Ashley said...

congrats on reading your paper! woooweee! I LOVE YOUR BLOG HEADER! did you make it?! so amazing!

Natasha Louise said...

An entire dr suess book? that's so awesome... man them smart cars just get smaller and smaller! ha!
maybe you should like glue it to your scooter handlebars then it'd be a carooter! beep beep

p.s I just used a piping bag for my frosting, maybe I'll do a tutorial or something, xx

chip said...

Which book? That's important, too. But the whole book? AND rock climbing? That is so cool! He sounds really spontaneous and fun!