So you know where I'm coming from.

Hellloo everyone. Feeling a little sick. Because I'm getting a little sick. Feeling like I ate way too much candy. Because I ate too much candy. Feeling a little tired. Actually I'm really tired. So much to do... so little time.

I'm gonna write this post in 4 minutes so that it says I did it on time or whatever. Sorry if it's incoherent. Because I'm feeing incoherent.

Where have you been? That's not the exact question, but that's how I remember it.

I've been to Utah. Idaho. Wyoming. Montana for a few seconds. Nevada. Arizona. California. Illinois. Indiana. And every state that an airplane flies over to get from Utah to Chicago. Or whatever... Midway. Yeah that's it.

Does flying over a state count as being there?


Flip Flop Fanatics said...

hahaha I love that last comment-I don't think it counts but I'm not an official so what the heck? ;p I think I need to go on a plane ride going somewhere other than Utah so I can say I have been to more states ;)

Leah said...

I hope you get better, because I'm pretty sure your sickness took over your Saturday so you couldn't write an amazing blog for everyone to read. Otherwise you wouldn't leave us hanging with not getting a daily trip into what goes on in your head? Get Well Soon!
I would say you could count flying over a state as being there IF you can see sights from the plane. If its just clouds then it doesn't count.

chip said...

It's the MidWEST, for your information.