Two in One!

Do you remember that one time on Friday night were I was all "Lawl. I think I'm getting sick." Please take note of the fact that "think" is a very important word in that sentence. I went to bed just with a sore throat and a little tired. I woke up ever 2 hours that night, interrupting my alternating good and then scary and then good dreams.

When I finally dragged myself out of bed, I noticed that I had just dragged myself out of bed. That doesn't usually happen. Usually I hop or bound out of bed! This time I dragged myself.

I took a shower, whimpering for most of the time, because the water didn't want to stay a steady temperature. I'd get it nice and warm, and all the sudden the pressure dropped and it was freezing. And my body ached all over.

After many minutes of frustration, I finally gave up and went to do my hair. I had a date in 2 hours. And I was freezing, aching, shaking all over, eventually crying. Called my parents, asked for advice, they told me to cancel and reschedule, so I did, then I spent the rest of the day sitting in my living room on the couch with a billion blankets and the space heater turned full blast on me. I got up... like... 3 times. Once to fill up my water bottle, once when my home teachers came over to give me a blessing, and once to go back to my room and go to bed.

The day was spent reading letters, watching old episodes of the Office, and finishing off the day by watching Dan in Real Life.

So yeah. I'm sick. I don't usually do this. It's generally an annoying cold, not a full blown pathetic fest where I can't do anything for myself. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I was afraid of electronic words, for some reason they make me feel worse when I'm sick.

To make up for it, I'll cover 2 days in this post! YAY!

First: Post a picture of yourself from a year ago, and say how you have changed since then.

I've changed in a lot of ways. I'll just make a list of 10 or something.

1- I'm no longer sitting in a train.
2- I now live in SLC
3- I know lots more about magic tricks (I'm sorry... I meant ILLUSIONS.)
4- I've met some of my best friends ever.
5- I don't get to see my very VERY best friends every day anymore. I used to...
6- In this picture I didn't feel like someone beat me up with a bat. Right now I do.
7- I am now fully aware of the joys of Dr. Pepper chapstick.
8- I get to do things for myself now.
9- I have learned what classes work well for me, and what ones hate me more than... something that hates something else a lot.
10- I own my own set of keys. And haven't lost a single one! Weird, right?

Ok. So before I move on to day two, I read my ibuprofen bottle, and it told me not to take more than 6 a day. And I know that there is no way I'm going to make it through the day like that.... is it ok for me to take more than 6 a day? Like maybe double that? I need my lortab..... MOM!! I NEED MY LORTAB!

I'm not a druggy. I swear. I hate medicine. Ask anyone. But my brain is trying to escape through my neck right now, it feels like.

Day 2: What is your favorite movie?

Alright. That is completely and utterly unfair. You want me to pick one?! Because I love all of them! I love Dan in Real Life, I love Ghost Town, I love Sherlock Holmes! There are so many good movies in the world....

But you know... there's one movie that I particularly and secretly (Ok... not so secretly maybe) love more than any movie, and that is UP.




So much. Maybe I'll watch that today. I love Pixar always, but then they came out with this one. It seems so different than the rest! I don't really know why... maybe it's because it makes everyone cry? That could be it! It's so sweet and happy, while making you feel so sad at the same time. I just love this movie.

So yeah. I hope you don't get sick! Have a good Sunday my friends!


Flip Flop Fanatics said...

I hope you feel better soon Lara! Being sick sucks-wrap up in your blankets and stay warm :)

Natasha Louise said...

Bless you, Hope your better soon! p.s Up is the bomb x

chip said...

I hate being sick. And you're not sick anymore. So..feel better, Lara-from-the-past!