The Waffle that Wasn't

Ok... the waffle WAS but... a really great story didn't come out of this morning. So far this doesn't make sense, here. I'll explain.

This morning I woke up and had a waffle. I dripped batter on the floor or something, and stepped in it with my socks on... gross ew ew ew! I can't stand stepping in gross things with socks on. If I'm barefoot, that's fine. But with socks on, it's a nasty factor to a whole new level.

So I stepped in the stuff, and peeled off my sock, and then went to clean up the rest of the batter. En route, I stepped in the waffle batter again with my bare foot and almost broke my ankle. If I hadn't been taking calcium vitamins, I probably would have broken my ankle.

I think the waffle batter was trying to kill me, but I might just be paranoid. That's a long shot...

Headed to a winter indoor drum line competition going on at my high school. Got to see some cool people! All my Ogden buddies, and a some Utah buddies too. But honestly, it stressed me out. Everyone panics over every little thing. EVERYONE. Just need to take a chill pill or something, like seriously, right? OMG fer-real.

I'm watching ghost hunting shows right now.... Uh... I guess I won't share my opinion on the matter. But let's just say my face is in a silly position the entire time.

Also I feel a little like eating my hand, because I left my retainer in SLC and it kinda sorta feels like my teeth are moving.... I promise it's not in my head.

Right, so today I'm supposed to talk about the meaning behind my blog name. I've kinda done it before, but I'll tell you again in case you didn't catch it the first time.

I started the blog when I was kinda starting a new chapter of my life, I had graduated high school, and I was moving on to college and moving away from home, meeting new people and trying all sorts of new things. It's a big part of life! And pretty much all of it is new to me. I think that's how it's going to be for the rest of my life now.

And I'm exploring it all and documenting it. A lot like my good friends Lewis and Clark. Just kidding, not at all like them, and they're not really my friends. But hey. It made for a cool URL.

Today's post was kinda boring. Sorry guys... what do you want from  me?! TELL ME!

As you will, of course.

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chip said...

What do I want from you? Hm. Let's make an Unbreakable Vow. I promise to help you let the Death Eaters into the castle...AND YOU HAVE TO BE MY SLAVE FOR A WHOLE DAY STARTING NOW!