Day Whatever

I can live in Salt Lake forever, but for some reason, Ogden will always feel like home to me. I'm the most Ogden-pride person you'll ever meet. I love this town. I love this area of the world. It's wonderful and fantastic!

Day whatever (what day is it? Friday? Ok...) Post a picture of yourself.

I dunno... that's way out there. I never post pictures of myself...

I've got a serious addiction... to vitamins. And Vitamin String Quartet. I'm not joking you guys, you've really got to look them up.

I really like my boyfriend style AE jeans (my brother says no self respecting boy would ever wear them...) The problem is they stretch out bad. Have you ever noticed how much jeans stretch out? So I have to wash them like... all the time. ALL the time. Even when I don't wear them, I have to wash them. 

So I was putting my jeans through the wash because I really wanted to have them with me when I came back to Ogden for the weekend. They got done, and I checked the train schedule and realized I could catch the train like NOW! So I ran so fast... usually it takes me 5-7 minutes to get from my house to the Trax station, but this time it took me 2 minutes. I may or may not have jay-walked 5th south. 

But in doing so, I noticed something. When I run really fast, or exercise really hard in general without warming up properly, my mouth gets really slimy and I lose the ability to spit decent distances.

I told my mom about this, and she laughed. I told my sister, and she said the same thing happens to her.

Is it just genetics? Does this happen to anyone else?

I left my tongue brush at home this weekend... I feel lonely. 

Now you know more about my mouth than most people! Consider yourself lucky!

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chip said...

You didn't ride your scooter instead? I'm disappointed!