So like... I was walking to one of my classes today. And there was this huge explosion on campus, and also a riot going on, and a bunch of people asking for money, and my home teachers, and a guy who's phone calls I won't return all gathered into one area and so I did the natural thing in that situation.

I took a detour.

And somehow I found myself in this weird place I've never been before, and I was kinda lost, and I heard voices from near by so I went to find someone who'd give me directions or something.

Boy did I find someone.

I actually found 5 someones.

All of them are my professors. And they were laughing their heads off.

"Heheh oh my gosh guys, did you see the look on her face?!"

"She is going to have SUCH a hard week trying to get all of these assignments turned in!"

"HAH! Yeah! No way is she going to be able to do it all! Not without going insane or something!"

"Yeah... that Lara girl. She's gonna hate this week.... we are so funny to have assigned her all of this stuff in one week. Man. We rock guys."

That's right. The myth has been busted.... or whatever they do to myths.

All of my teachers actually got together to decide to make specific weeks of my life really really awesome. I mean awful.

I have proof!

Let's look at this semester up to this point.

Go to class, get an A!

Alright... I do study, because I realize that eventually there will come a point when there are exams... and apparently that point has come.

It's like my entire GPA for all of my classes for the entire semester is dependent on one single day.

Let's look at this week.

Today: Approx 1000 words due at midnight. I didn't know about this... until a few hours ago... this assignment is done now though, so phew....

Friday: 2 exams! Also a dress rehearsal.

Saturday: Writing two three page papers. One of these papers involves going out and interviewing people. The other involves researching the heck out of a topic... I don't have to write a paper on the actual topic... just about the research I did. Weird, right?

Sunday: Rest... please rest...

Monday: One paper due.

Tuesday: Another paper due!


Oh, also, while all of this is going on, I have to learn this crazy Tichelli song for band. I think I'm gonna kill Tichelli.

Oh also I have to turn in an application for section leader/field assistant next year.

Oh also I have to convince my parents to let me have a bunny.

My life rocks.

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chip said...

Stilll working on that bunny?