Black is Classy

I woke up one day and thought "Hey! I wanna wear black, fool!" Because I naturally end all of my sentences with 'fool' in the early stages of waking, and because I complete my words. Holler. Fool.

So I got into my drawer. I found a black tank top. And another more modest black tank top. And a black camisole. And a few black socks. And a pair of black pants.

FINALLY! I found a black shirt. The problem was.... in my youth, it was well loved. So the black was more of a brown color. This bummed me to the outest of outs. It had been stretched all funny, and just didn't look good any more.

So. I needed a black shirt. I went to Smith's!

My Smith's Grocer is amazing. There is an ENTIRE elevator in there! Actually two! As well as an up and down escalator! DUDE! It is awesome. The top floor contains things like.... housing supplies, sheets, that kind of stuff, as well as a plethora of gardening supplies, and an electronic department. The basement is where all the food is. But MY favorite place is the south end of the top floor. Particularly the south east side, because I love me some jewelry counters.... but the rest of the south end is cool too.

Clothing department.

I searched high and low for a black shirt to wear, but they were all pretty ugly. Well, on me at least. But a small voice inside said "Don't give up hope! Go look in the athletic department!" So I did. And I found this little treasure.

That's my buddy Candice! Shout out to Candice!!! But that shirt, the black one. I love it. It's so soft.... so comfy.... So I purchased that.

The reason I'm telling you this is because that's what I'm supposed to talk about today.

But other things to talk about....

I'm pretty sure my landlord likes to play a game called "Throw the Modem at the Wall". Because my internet all the sudden is like "Lawl. I'm not gonna connect. I'm gonna make it hard for you to do any work on the computer. AT ALL! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Holler."

Drives me crazy...

Other reasons I should own a bunny.

Bunnies are naturally protective of themselves. These poor innocent sweet creatures have been on the bottom of the food chain for ages. It is up to me to own a bunny to protect it from being eaten. There are no dogs at my house. And I will kick any dog that even comes within a block of my house...

Luckily there are no sidewalks in the front of my house. So no person would walk their dog right in front of my house. So no dog would be tempted to eat my poor bunny.

Also. Bunnies can be trained to respond to their name. And do tricks. And be potty trained. I would teach my bunny to be a respectable member of society. 

And sooOOOooooOOOoooo cute! 

I need a bunny. 

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chip said...

What kind of trick can a bunny do?