If I Were A Music

Today I'm supposed to say something about a song that is my mood today....

I dunno. I'm in a sorta nondescript mood. If I had to pick, it would be Vitamin String Quartet's cover of Mr. Brightside. Just because. It's repetitive yet happy. How I feel today. I don't know if that video has lyrics... but if it does... don't read them. 

Just click play and read the rest of my post!

Woke up this morning... it was kinda cloudy. But it usually is. I figured it would clear out, but I brought my heavy coat to school just in case. Silly idea... I didn't need it!

I came home for my study break, and it was beautiful. Headed back out again. Still beautiful.

Coming home an hour later, it was kinda windy... and I ran into some guys from the ward who told me there was a severe storm warning. I'll admit. I kinda laughed. No way would it storm! It was beautiful! 

Not one minute after I had said bye to them... a storm hit. It's a big one. Stuff is falling out of the sky like stuff that falls out of the sky really rapidly and ferociously. 

Sat down with a nice cup a Joe. Just kidding. It's a cup of Steve. I've got this special hot chocolate, I swear by the stuff. It is made out of the best cocoa powder... and it's soooo strong. It tastes like actual chocolate, none of this brown lava stuff that you can hardly taste.... this stuff is the best.

Penzy's. I'm telling ya. 

I'm petitioning more reasons why I should have a bunny rabbit... note... they're not really reasons... just things that cross my mind.

If I had a bunny I'd keep him in the laundry room. Or the furnace room. Or the finished room in the attic. And I'd make a nice cage for him outside in a place where he can't dig away where he can stay when the weather is nice. 

I'd feed him vegetable scraps that are left over.

I'd pet him every day.

I'd brush his teeth once a week.

I'd take pictures of him ALLS THE TIME!

I'd name him Samuel.

Or Porter.

Or Michael.

Or Rodger.

Or The Furry

Or Rover

Or The Beast

Or Mister

Or Fido

Or Ravioli 

Or Blue

He'd be so fetchin awesome. He wouldn't even have to be a boy. He could be a girl. Doesn't matter! I'd call him a "he" anyways, and give him a boy's name. In my mind, all bunnies are boys, and the bunnies that are girls are sluts. At least that's how they're portrayed on TV and stuff...

I think someone's knocking at my door...

Nope, just the wind.

When I was young, I wanted a cell phone so so so bad. So I wrote my parents an essay like.... 14 pages long... on why I should have a cell phone. And guess what? They got me one.

The points weren't even that valid, I'm just good at debating. So that's what I'm going to do here.

A concern comes to mind that.... we're gonna tell the other tenants that no pets are allowed. But I thought of a way around that.

I'll tell them that the pet belonged to the late old so-and-so who was very very dear to me, and in my mind, that bunny is them. And I need to keep it alive, because it's all I have. 

Help me think of other reasons! As you will!


Brittany said...

I vote, you tell them that the bunny is a horcrux. You must keep it safe or your soul will be vulnerable to destruction.

Lara said...

You win forever.

chip said...

No, but if you told them that bunny was a horcrux, then your enemies could find out and try to destroy you! Plus, by making it the Horcrux you would already be vulnerable to destruction.