Made of Up

I've got some cookies in the oven! Three of em! THEY'RE HUGE! So excited.... I think I'll put some candles on them and sing quietly to myself.

Tahday I'm supposed to talk about what's in my makeup bag. Well... I only use the minimum when it comes to makeup. I'm not comfortable wearing very much. So! While I do actually have a lot of makeup... some of the stuff I haven't worn in years, and it's probably expired. Actually one of the colors I've had since middle school.... I think it's staring at me.

When did it grow eyes?!

So. To start off. Eyelash curler. Standard edition. For a hilarious game, ask guys what they think eyelash curlers are. And any make up for that matter. It's good fun.

Second, I've got a dark raisin purpley color liquid eyeliner. I put it on in such a manner that you can't even see that I'm really wearing it. It just makes my eyelashes more defined.

Third I've got some Mary Kay vanilla Eyesicles. I love this stuff. It's just sparkley, and lights up your eyes, without shouting "HEY! I'VE GOT STUFF ON MY EYELIDS!"

Fourth, Cover Girl Exact Eyelights mascara for brown eyes. Oh my laws, this stuff is marvelous. It really brings out the color in my eye. And I'm not even trying to advertise or anything, it just really actually does that! Favorite. If you're looking for mascara, get this.

Last, and favorite. Dr. Pepper chapstick. Duh.

For your entertainment, a slightly creepy picture of my applying mascara. If you think I'm about to jump out of the computer screen and attack/sing to/eat you... I am. So... just a heads up.

Today I rolled into class on my scooter, and my classmate said "Lara... you're so cool. I wish I could ride into a class on a scooter looking so suave."

Felt pretty good.... after running into a crack on the sidewalk and almost flipping over my handlebars. I'm pretty suave.

I need to eat these cookies... so.... yeah. I'll see you later! Read my blog as you will.

Do it.

It's a command.

Or... an invitation.

Look at it as you will.

Oh my heck I didn't even mean to end this with 'as you will.'


Natasha Louise said...

You make me laugh! Just sayin!

chip said...

I am going to have dreams about that picture. And I'm pretty sure they'll be nightmares. Help me as you will. :)