The Great Salt Lake {City}

I don't know... I challenged myself. I told myself I would do this blog challenge. And starting out, it was alright. Granted, every now and then I'd run into a post that was just... what? Why would someone blog about this? Kinda boring! Right? But now it's getting to a point where I think we'd be better served were I to blog about whatever.

So here goes. Just gonna do this challenge junk real quick...

I guess I can turn this into something cool.

Post a picture of where you live! Ladies and Gentlemen (Wait... like no guys read this blog...)

This is where I live. Salt Lake City, Utah. I love it. Even though I complain about it here and there and sometimes everywhere, I really do love it.

I used to love the big town, growing up.... the big town was awesome. Granted... Salt Lake isn't that big... but for Utah it's pretty big. 

But when I moved here... I guess I just got bored with it. Really fast. I've grown a deep appreciation for the gentle rural areas. But Salt Lake does have it's great things.

Temple Square!

The Gateway. I love the gateway.

The Smiths I go shopping at.

A kick-a football team. GO UTES!

Lambda Delta Sigma, especially the Gamma chapter {hearts!!!}

The best marching band in the state of Utah. That's right. I went there. I bought property.

And most of all, the people. I have made some really amazing friends here. We don't see each other often because we all have school and work and studying and junk like that.... but really truly, I have met some of the best people down here. And I love every minute of it.

So Salt Lake? You're ok in my book....

You're ok in my book.

Has anyone noticed that 'ok' isn't a word according to spell check? This feels awkward now.


Flip Flop Fanatics said...

Well I will say Go Utah (because I used to live there and my family still does so I love to come visit!)
I can't root for the Utes (sorry but hey to each their own ;p) but I do love the gateway and Temple Square so WOOHOO!!
We need to hang out the next time I am in Utah! :)

chip said...

depends on how you spell it. okay?