The Furry

Alright. I was pretty excited to have a bunny. I have wicked awesome persuasive skills, and a charming personality {Shiny teeth smile gleam stuff like that}... so I was feeling pretty confident that eventually I would get a bunny. Maybe not today, tomorrow, next week, next month... but maybe next year?

I was excited.

I made a label for him even. "The Furry." Man.

You can't beat a name like that for a bunny.

I talked to the awesome Dan Bergstein for some advice. He told me that if bunny feet are lucky, then it stands to reason that an entire bunny would be a million times luckier and in a few moments I could become a billionaire AND the president of the world.

I felt pretty good because my Daddy didn't say no! If he meant no, he would have said no, and he would have said no fast. But he didn't. He entertained my imaginationings.

I talked to him the other day. He told me a bunny would just turn into a dirty animal and I'd get tired of it and eventually I'd drop it off at my parent's and they'd have to take care of it.

Then he suggested I get a bunch of guinea pigs instead.

...Guinea pigs? I guess they could live outside... but.... I dunno.

They're not the same as a bunny.

What do you guys think? I'd go for a guinea pig above having nothing... but do you think they're the same as a bunny?

Most of all, do you think I could name a guinea pig "The Furry" and still be pretty cool?

Begin the great debate as you will.


Bum bum buhhhh!!!!


Meg said...

Bunnies are cute... but my sister has a guinea pig and he's not half bad. I just see him as a masculine sort of bunny. Which probably sounds weird. But it's like what a boy would want. But Harry the guinea pig does make cute little sounds and he'll cuddle with you. Bunnies still sound cuter though.

Brittany said...

Go for a bunny. They're really not that hard to take care of, and you can litter box train it like a cat. That's what we did with mine, and he was perfectly fine living in our house for like 3 years. If you get a bunny, you'll never regret it.

chip said...

BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY. Guinea pigs squeak a lot and are annoying and like to eat your homework (when your little brother feeds it to them) and then they die and you have to feel sorry for the animal you never liked.

rant over.